My first Kdrama photocard buying experience: Is it worth it?

Ever thought you’ll actually jump into the bandwagon of buying photocards? I’ve seen a lot of my friends do it for years now but me being a part of this trend ain’t something I never thought I’ll do but I did. Yep, I never imagined myself buying photocards just like other collectors do.

I collect photocards but the PCs I have are actually just inclusions of the albums that I buy, I am not super particular with buying the photocard I want because it’s only recently when drama ost albums already included photocards. To be clear, they did include photocards before but it is always complete. Now they are starting to adopt the Kpop album culture where the photocard inclusions are random.

What photocards did I buy?

I’ve been fangirling on Penthouse for the past 3 seasons and I’ve always felt so excited watching the characters having a catfight every episode. Because of this, I eventually became a fan of both Kim Young Dae and Kim Hyeon Soo, it’s just that my Seokrona heart is too weak for this couple. More than that, I’ve become a Yoon Jong Hoon trash that I spent a lot of hours watching his drama guestings.

When the drama’s OST album got released, I am so worried about not getting the photocards I want. If watching the drama is a headache already, then this photocard pull is a bloody war too. Days came, I finally got my album. I got Bae Rona as the regular photocard and Sang-Ha as my lenti photocard.

Although I am happy about getting Bae Rona (Kim Hyeon Soo), I opted to look for Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae) and Ha Yoon Cheol (Yoon Jong Hoon) photocards. I honestly have no idea of the photocard pricing as it is my first time buying it but I got the HYC PH at 650 pesos and the Seok Hoon PC at 450 pesos. The photocards already cost me one new Penthouse album already.

I kinda felt that it is a rob but we all know that there aren’t many people who collect kdrama photocards so this is the only option left.

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Where do you buy photocards?

I asked a Twitter mutual to help me find the photocard and lucky enough, she found both the same day. She already paid for the item and all of a sudden, the seller said she lost the Ha Yoon Cheol photocard and was asking if it can be replaced by Sangha.

Both me and my Twitter mutual already thought that this account is just trying to resell the photocard to a different buyer but we told her that the transaction will be canceled if she’s not giving us the HYC photocard that I want. Of course, why would I proceed to a transaction when the reason I am buying is not available? All of a sudden, the seller said she found the photocard and that’s crazy.

My Twitter mutual had trouble with her box sharing so it took about almost four months for me to receive the item. Nevertheless, she was nice enough to include the Minhyuk photocard as a freebie, something that I never see coming and I am grateful about that.

Will I still buy Kdrama photocards in the future?

That’s something I am 50-50 at the moment. I might not do it anymore unless I really like the character that I’ll be buying. Or maybe, I’ll just wait until someone sells the item I want at a decent price.


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