TMI Time with South Korean band The Rose | CONQuest 2023

The Rose had their sit down interview at the CONQuest 2023 where they chill with the fans as they answer questions about their personal preferences, their plans as a band and more.

What are your plans in South Korea this year?

We have plans of releasing albums and tours here and there but in terms of what exactly we will do in Korea, nothing is final yet. Busking is actually a very easy but hard thing to do. We want to try to do that as well. It is hard to get approval these days.

What’s your song with AgustD like? Can you share any behind the story?

“I’ve known him for four years. We’ve been friends and we’ve known each other. He kept in touch with me and he sent me a song and said “Hey, I got an album, Do you want to be on this? so I said Yeah, I’ll try to put some melodies on it and lyrics. That time I was writing for “Heal.” I told them that I will just finish my album and I’m going to write on this so they waited for me and I wrote it and he said he loved it and said we should record it.” – Woosung

He gave a sample of the song after the fans at the audience requested for it.

What is the ideal type of partner that you are looking for?

Woosung: My ideal type is someone who is nurturing. When I think of a partner, I think of someone who I am gonna have a family with. Am I going too far? But that’s what I look for in a partner, someone whom I gonna have a family with.
Dojoon: I’m going with Anne Hathaway.
Jaehyeong: For me, the most important thing is the conversation. Communication is important.
Hajoon: For me, Black Roses.

The Rose learns Tagalog

Dojoon: I heard the word for handsome yesterday. What was it again? Audience: “Pogi”
Dojoon: Oh Yes, it’s “Pogi.” How do I say Pretty?
Audience: “Maganda.”

Shot Puno

“Shot Puno.” The host taught them the meaning is “one shot” or “drink one full glass.” And the members said “Be careful, shot puno.” The band also shared their alcoholic drink preferences.

Dojoon: I’m the type of a guy who likes whiskey.
Hajoon: Non-alcoholic cocktail. I like drinks but not much.
Jaehyeong: cocktail
Woosung: conya. There’s a brand called “absent”. I think that’s what I am. You guys wanna drink? Are you guys old enough? Let’s drink from 12AM.

The audience fondly responded that they are going to treat the boys to drinks after the Q&A Panel.


The Rose also shared that the concept to their music video “Childhood” is based solely on when everyone’s born and we’re all naked. However, it would be hard to show that through an MV.

CONQuest A&A Panel is a part of CONQuest 2023 event held at the SMX Convention Center and MOA complex.


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