MOONBIN & SANHA’s Diffusion in Manila Fanmeeting and Concert 2023

“I’ll be your perfumer, Follow the light that beams through the mist.”

It’s indeed a diffusion that brought us to our steaming hot idols, MOONBIN & SANHA of the boy group ASTRO. The first-ever sub-unit of ASTRO, the duo MOONBIN&SANHA just recently concluded their first overseas Manila leg of 2023 MOONBIN & SANHA FAN CON: [DIFFUSION] last March 25 after it kicked off the tour in South Korea last week.

The hot weather never stopped the most-awaited night for Arohas. In fact, they even put the stage on fire as ASTRO members MOONBIN & SANHA who prepared a lot of special performances made their Manila comeback more memorable for the fans.

The duo was produced by Fantagio and they debuted with their EP “In-Out” in 2020 being an ASTRO sub-unit. During the Fancon, they staged numerous fan favorites from their debut album including the songs ‘Bad Idea, and All I Wanna Do.’

Get to know more about MOONBIN & SANHA

MOONBIN & SANHA are both super game with the on-stage Q&A portions. The fans love how we even played games having numerous interactions with the audience. They performed some of their hit songs WHO, DIA, Distance, and Boo from their Refuge album. They also Wish, Perfumer, Desire, Chup Chup, and Madness from their recent album “Incense.”

MOONBIN & SANHA Tiktokerist era

Probably a punishment for MOONBIN & SANHA but definitely a reward for the fans, they made a cover of the Tiktok hit track “Ting Ting Tang Tang” challenge. With no hesitations, they also performed “OMG” Dance Challange, a cover to the hit song OMG of NewJeans.

“You are our REFUGE”

This is one of the most heartwarming fan projects I’ve seen to date. I am teary-eyed as I watch the fan project of AROHAs for MOONBIN & SANHA. True enough, ASTRO has been a REFUGE to many fans through their music but seeing its impact on many people gave me goosebumps. It wasn’t just an idol-fan relationship. It felt like a family and the fans seeing their idols on stage personally now felt like a homecoming.

As the fan project plays on screen, it was accompanied by the song “Dreamcatcher” making the moment a tear-jerking one for everyone. It was complete silence in the audience except for a few sobs you’ll hear from time to time.

“Madness의 세상에서 너회들은 언제나 우리의 Refuge야. (You’re always our REFUGE in this world of MADNESS.)

“Hello! Hello, coming new day!”

Leaving a positive note as they end the fancon, MOONBIN & SANHA chose the song “Your Day” for the encore performance. They wave goodbye to everyone with a huge smile and promises to see the fans again next time promise.

Article and photos: Mikhaela Javier


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