A Musical Journey and Star-Studded Moments: 15 of My Most Unforgettable Events in 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on a year filled with unforgettable moments for me and my friends, particularly in the world of Korean and Thai music and drama scene. These events in 2023 truly left a mark in our hearts and gave us so much strength to welcome the New Year!

From thrilling concerts to press conferences and fan meetings, the year was a rollercoaster of emotions for me and all the fans in Manila. Seeing such events coming to life felt like a huge blessing for most of us and we are glad that our wishes really manifested this year. With that. let’s delve into some of the most remarkable events that left a lasting impact on me this year.

1. The Wanderland Music Festival

Kicking off my extreme fangirling this year in the month of March, I experienced my first outdoor festival where we were all treated to the mesmerizing tunes through the Wanderland Music Festival and one of the highlights for me is learning about the Thai band “HYBS.”

Aside from the duo, I get to vibe with the songs of Ylona Garcia and the South Korea group “Balming Tiger” . The festival indeed created memories that echoed long on to my playlist after the festival ended.

2. Moonbin and Sanha Diffusion Fancon in Manila

The celestial duo, Moonbin and Sanha of the Kpop boy group ASTRO, illuminated Manila with their “Diffusion Fancon”. Arohas were treated to a night of unparalleled fan service, showcasing the synergy between the two talented idols. I came here to do a coverage of the event but I really came out as a fan. I am constantly crying when the fan project played and that’s a rare moment for me. We hope that you enjoy the view of the sky now, our dear Moonbin.

3. Girls’ Generation Events “Tingi” Version (Solo Events)

Taeyeon at K-Verse (April 2023) and The Odd of Love (July 2023)
Kwon Yuri Chapter 2 Fanmeeting in Manila (July 2023)
Hyoyeon at K-Magic Live (October 2023)

Girls’ Generation continued to dominate the K-pop and Kdrama scene with a series of individual events. Taeyeon headlined the enchanting K-Verse last April as she joins Aespa and The Boyz for a memorable concert at the big dome. She also came back to Manila for the most-awaited “The Odd of Love” in July.

Aside from Taeyeon, Kwon Yuri also made the hearts of the fans flutter as she held her “Kwon Yuri Chapter 2 Fanmeeting in Manila“, an event where she aims to celebrate the second chapter of her life and still share it with SONEs.

Another memorable event for SONEs is Hyoyeon’s participation in K-Magic Live. I am so glad to see “Dessert” and “Picture” performances live! As a SONE, even if I wasn’t able to see the whole SNSD as a group this year, being a part of their individual event is still a huge achievement for me.

4. Love in The Air Fanmeeting in Manila

Romance filled the air as I did my first coverage for a Thai BL event– the “Love in The Air Fanmeeting in Manila”, I have previous coverages in Thai fanmeets but this is my first BL event. One thing that made me love the cast of “Love in The Air” is that they are really respectful.

TMI: My friend and I arrived early at the venue during their press conference and I witnessed how they went around the Skydome to bow down to every person inside — literally to everyone from the staffs, tech team, cleaning staff, guards and even to us who are just randomly seating there while waiting. I also enjoyed how they interact with the fans and the cute OSTs of their show.

5. Park Eun Bin Aromagicare Fanmeeting in Manila

Park Eun Bin’s second visit in Manila is for the “Park Eun Bin Aromagicare Fanmeeting” where they held a press conference before the show. During the press conference, the media were not mere spectators but active participants.

Lucky enough, I had the chance to ask her a question: “Among your characters, which one is your favorite?” Park Eun Bin then shared her thoughts and she’s looking straight at me as she answers. As a fan of this girl since her drama “Do you like Brahms?” I just can’t contain my feels. The whole time she answers, I am already teary-eyed.

6. Lee Seung Gi in Manila

He can ace both ballad and rock performances and that’s what he proved when he visited Manila once again for “The Dreamer’s Dream Chapter 2” in Manila. Lee Seung Gi’s ethereal performance captivated the audience, transporting them into a dreamscape. The Dreamer’s Dream in Manila was not just a concert; it was a journey into the realms of imagination and music and the long journey of Seung Gi as a musician and actor. We were able to do a coverage on both his press conference and the fanmeeting.

Aside from the show, he came back to Manila for the promotions of BB.Q Chicken for a special event at the Robinsons Magnolia and another one in BGC!

7. TAN Press Conference and Series of Mall Shows

The charismatic TAN graced Manila with a press conference that set the stage for a series of electrifying mall shows. Fans were treated to not only music but also glimpses into the personalities of the members.

Changsun, Jaejun, Jooan, Taehoon, Hyunyeop, Sunghyuk and Jiseong also came to the Philippines for the second time and learned more Tagalog words to snatch the title of being the “Prince of the Philippines.” The group held mall shows at AyalaMalls Market Market, Trinoma and SM CDO. Here’s a bit of a background on how we became a fan of TAN.

8. 2ne1’s Bom and Minzy’s back-to-back concerts

It may night be an OT4 but Blackjacks truly enjoyed the back-to-back concerts held by Minzy and Bom! The nostalgic songs of 2ne1 and their bombastic individual songs fired up the stage of New Frontier Theater.

Minzy held her” Glee Tour in Manila” on June 4 while Bom had her “You and Me: Park Bom Fancon in Manila” in Manila on June 10. Fans reveled in the presence of these K-pop legends, making it a momentous occasion that transcended time.

9. Nam Woo Hyun at Miss Universe Philippines and Be You 3

Nam Woo Hyun’s multifaceted talents shone at both Miss Universe Philippines and Be You 3. His performances added a touch of glamour and artistry to these prestigious events, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and of course, to his beloved Inspirits. Another milestone for me is that he also acknowledge the photo I took during the Miss Universe 2023. Read on my fan account here.

10. The Rose Performing at Conquest 2023

Conquest 2023 witnessed The Rose’s soul-stirring performances that resonated with fans, creating an atmosphere of unity and shared passion. Aside from the performances, they also had a sit-down interview at the Conquest Panel.

11. Junho “The Moment” Fanmeeting

Junho’s fanmeeting was a celebration of shared moments and shared love for 2PM member and the well-loved “King The Land” and “The Red Sleeve” actor Lee Junho. Fans connected with Junho in a meaningful way, turning “Junho The Moment” Fanmeeting in Manila into a cherished memory for both Junho and Filo Hottests and Itppas.

12. Park Seo Jun Press Conference

Another back-to-back event day for me is the press conference of Park Seo Jun for I AM Worldwide Fanmeeting and Dew Jirawat’s Solo Fanmeeting in Manila. Park Seo Jun provided insights into the actor’s upcoming projects and personal reflections. I’ve watched his previous fanmeeting in Manila but I am glad that this opportunity came and “Oppa Is Life” (with the Park Sae Royi logo) finally meets the real life Park Seo Jun!

13. Kim Hyun Joong – The End of A Dream Tour in Manila

Kim Hyun Joong’s tour marked both an end and a new beginning in his career and for me as a fangirl. Kim Hyun Joong brought me to the Kdrama and Kpop community and seeing him again this close make me super emotional. The Manila leg of The End of A Dream Tour was a poignant farewell and a promise of more exciting activities of him as a musician. (And hopefully as an actor again!)

14. Kim Jae Joong J Concert in Manila

Kim Jae Joong’s J Concert was a feast for the senses, combining music and visual spectacle. But before the grand concert, we were able attend the press conference of Kim Jae Joong where he shared his future plans for him as a singer and his newly established company.

15. Chanyeol x Penshoppe Fanmeeting in Manila

Probably one of the highlights of my 2023 is meeting Park Chanyeol finally after many years of attempting to attend his events in Manila. I am also glad that we were able to ask him about his fashion statement and he also shared more about his future plans as a singer before he conducted his “Penshoppe x Chanyeol Fanmeeting in Manila.”

As we bid farewell to 2023, these events holds a special place in my heart. The year was a symphony of emotions, and each event contributed to my list of my unforgettable moments as a fangirl.


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