Groove with the boys of Cravity: “Masterpiece” in Manila Concert

PH LUVITYs did not hesitate to step on the gas pedal and make CRAVITY feel their love with endless screams all throughout the Manila stop of their first world tour “Masterpiece” at the New Frontier Theater last August 5. 2023.


Hours before the concert, fans flocked to the LUVITY FanHub located at the New Farmers
Plaza Activity Center where they could share their new addiction to the 4th generation K-pop boy group. Standing banners of each member were set up below the stage where their first Philippine cover group, Alchemist, danced to “Groovy”.

It’s Cravity’s Turn

CRAVITY burned the stage with their first three songs: “Get Lifted, “Baddie”, and “My Turn”. The boys looked dashing in their red, black, and white stage outfits. For their opening ment, they introduced themselves one by one and weaved Filipino phrases into their speeches such as “Mabuhay beshy!” and “Namiss ko kayo”.

Without much time to fully catch their breaths, Jungmo introduced “Flip The Frame” which was part of their very first album, as a fresh and sexy song. ”VENI VIDI VICI” and “Bad Habits” followed next.

Groove with Cravity

The boys showed off their boyish charms with bright casual clothes, serenading the crowd with “Give Me Your Love” and “Maybe Baby”. One of the highlights of the concert was when the boys danced to P-pop royalty SB19’s “Gento”. Days before the concert, Taeyoung and Hyeongjun posted a cover of it on their official TikTok account which has earned 2.3 million views as of August 7, 2023.

CRAVITY continued to show their cute sides with upbeat songs such as “Boogie Woogie”, “Ohh Ahh”, and “Party Rock”. Allen prepared a special Filipino announcement for “Fly”. “Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat. Ako po ang inyong pilot Allen. Enjoy ang flight niyo with CRAVITY. Salamat po!”

In another ment, the members shared the Filipino food they ate since they arrived a day before the concert. “I love the gravy sauce from Jollibee. I like Jollibee spicy chicken,” Minhee said. As for Wonjin, his pick was pancit palabok. Serim said they wanted to taste halo-halo too, but they haven’t had the chance to try it yet.

“Whenever I’m with LUVITYs, I really don’t notice the time passing by,” Woobin said. This was true enough because they were down to their last songs for the night. Fans’ efforts weren’t in vain when the boys noticed the banners on the second floor which read “함께하자 영원히 크래비티” or “Let’s be together forever, CRAVITY”, just in time for the picture taking.

Seongmin got to celebrate his birthday a second time when LUVITYs surprised him with a cake, balloons, and flowers. CRAVITY performed “A to Z” and “Colorful” for their encore stages. Masterpiece in Manila will remain vivid in the memories of PH LUVITYs. We’ll see you next time, CRAVITY!

Cravity “Masterpiece” in Manila is brought to us by DNM Entertainment.

Written By: Nish Salvatierra
Photos: Chiarra Mogol


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