CLC members are back with a banger in their released individual schedules!

“The journey never ends.”

This is the message of CLC in their last single “HELICOPTER” beforethe group went on a hiatus as a group. Despite that, we’ve seen the members mark their own names in various fields where they mostly excelled at. After more than a year of being on a hiatus status, CLC members, Oh Seunghee, Choi Yujin, Chang Seungyeon, SORN, Jang Yeeun, ELKIE and Kwon Eunbin, are making a much awaited comeback.

While Yujin, Seungyeon, SORN, Yeeun and ELKIE are actively promoting as singers, Seunghee and Eunbin shifted their career to acting, still with the hopes of releasing new music for “Cheshires” (CLC’s fandom name).

New Music from CLC members

August is a month of new sound as four of the members are releasing new tracks this month. ELKIE recently released her new single “SPEED UP” last August 11 and music video will be released on August 17. She revealed that SPEED UP is a song that CLC recorded and Seungyeon helped her in the choreography.

SORN will release her newest single “ROWDY” which features Seungyeon, her co-label artist signed under Wild Group. They recently performed the song at WeTheFest in Indonesia.

Unlike other members who are pursuing their solo careers, Yeeun is currently vying to be part of global K-pop group EL7Z UP. She performed “SNAP”, “RISE UP”, “BAD BLOOD” and “IDGA (I DON’T GIVE A)”. These songs are available in numerous music platforms worldwide.

She will also perform “LAST PIECE” together with 6 other contestants on the finale on August 15. If she will be part of the debuting team, this will be a perfect birthday gift to her as she recently celebrated her 25th birthday last August 10. You may support her by voting on Mnet Plus app and Twinkple app. Additionally, Yujin, who successfully made her debut with Kep1er and just celebrated her birthday is also gearing up for a comeback this September.

Even though the other members, Seunghee and Eunbin, are not active as singers, they are currently focusing on their acting career. Recently, Seunghee had multiple musical shows as she was part of “Rental Apartment” while Eunbin starred in a hit series “Duty After School” and was even nominated as Best New Actress at Blue Dragon Series Awards. It was also revealed that she is currently filming her new drama.

CLC contents are always on the web as 4 members are also active as YouTuber, SORN, Seungyeon, Seunghee and ELKIE are active providing covers, vlog and behind the scenes on their channel.

Slowly but surely, CLC members are still hopeful for an OT7 comeback and SORN recently revealed that all members are in one position but it is currently difficult as they are signed under different agencies. As we all wait for full-blown comeback as a group, make sure to support their individual projects and events as well!

Article: Lee Adriano


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