Feel-Good Chinese Dramas with 'cohabitation' plots

From time to time, I am having a break from my Kdramas most especially when a drama I totally swoon about ends. This is also the time when normally scroll through my Cdrama recommendations on iQiyi or Netflix because I tend to binge-watch Chinese dramas. Well, just the feel-good ones with romantic scenes cause why not?

With all that being said, here are some of the Chinese dramas I came across that have made a special place in my heart. Hope you enjoy them too:

Unforgettable Love

Wei Zhe Ming (Miles Wei) as He Qiao Yan
Hu Yi Xuan as Qin Yi Yue
Sun Sicheng (Lennon Sun) as He Wei Fei / Xiao Bao


Heshi Group’s CEO He Qiao Yan is the perfect man one can dream of. He has the perfect looks, good management skills, intelligence and wealth. He lives with his ‘son’ Xiao Bao who has a trauma when he was younger and is having trouble speaking.

He Xiao Yan meets the child psychologist Qin Yi Yue, who later on, becomes Xiao Bao’s in house psychologist. Xiao Bao treats Qin Yi Yue as his mother. Thus, they are forced to act as a married couple to Xiao Bao and everyone else. Their cute love story eventually started to bloom from contractual marriage to a real deal.

The drama is an adaptation of the web novel “Mr. He’s Love is Not Forgotten” written by Qin Ye.

Perfect And Casual

Wei Zhe Ming (Miles Wei) as Zhang Si Nian
Xu Ruo Han as Yun Shu


The mathematics professor Zhang Si Nian is calm yet strict teacher you wouldn’t want to mess up with. He meets the casual and easy-go-lucky graduating student Yun Shu. Yun Shu has been scammed when she’s about to buy an apartment making and eventually ended up living with Zhang Si Nian.

Eventually, they decided to enter a contract marriage to make believe Zhang Si Nian’s grandfather that he finally grants him his wish. At the same time, Yun Shu is doing it so she can have a home to stay.

Furthermore, Yun Shu finds out that her new professor in the university is Zhang Si Nian. She finally starts to have a feelings for him and they already started a secret relationship.

The drama is an adaptation of the web novel “Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost” written by Wan Zhi.

Sweet First Love

Ryan Ren as Su Mu Yun
Kabby Hui as Su Nian Feng / Zhou Yifeng
Zheng Fan Xing as Le Di Yin


Zhou Yifeng grew up with a new identity as Su Nian Feng when she lost her parents through an accident when she was only seven. Since then, she became a part of the ‘Su’ family and has to live with a new ‘brother’ Su Mu Yun. She has a selective amnesia so she doesn’t remember anything from the accident.

Su Mu Yun is the typical ‘the guy who came out straight from the comic book’ character with perfectly handsome features except his attitude. He acts a bit harsh to Su Nian Feng but he cares so much for her. Su Nian Feng has episodes of sleep walking and Su Mu Yun has kept him away from harm ever since.

Due a conflict, Su Nian Feng found out about the accident and wanted to move out away from her new family. As she lives independently during her university life, she works hard to become a doctor without knowing that Su Mu Yun still helps her quietly. The drama is an adaptation of the novel Days of Living With Handsome Brother’ written by Tong Tong.

Once We Get Married

Wang Yu Wen as Gu Xi Xi
Wang Zi Qi as Yin Si Chen
Ian Yi as Mo Zi Xin


Home-based fashion item shopper Gu Xi Xi wanted to close a special deal from a client’s request. She needs to personally meet Alex, the wedding couturier who only creates pieces with a limited number each year. When she wants to win the deal she’s been eyeing for, she meets Yin Si Chen, a CEO of a mall who also wish to close a deal with Alex.

For them to close the deals they’ve wanted, they created a contact marriage to make Alex sign up for Yin Si Chen’s mall and for Gu Xi Xi to finally get the wedding dress she needs to shop for her client. Despite the drama being cliché, the chemistry of the leads are surely overflowing and we can’t get enough of it.

The drama is an adaptation of the web novel “Contract Wife Runs Away from the CEO” written by Nian Hua Fu Liu.

Love is Sweet


Luo Yun Xi as Yuan Shuai
Bai Lu as Jiang Jun
Gao Han Yu as Du Lei


Ever heard of a person allergic to her own tears? Jiang Jun has a competitive mindset and a great background after she finished a dual degree in economics and psychology. With that, a lot of people look up to her. She is also ideal and decided to work in a philanthropy organization. Still, she kept about her allergies as a secret because it is too unusual.

Although she is working hard to purse her dream, things changed when her father got into an accident and wished that she finally put her degree into practice and that’s where her dilemma totally started.

Totally shaken about the recent happenings, she landed a job at MH investment company. She gets reunited with her childhood bestfriend Yuan Shuai who is now her rival at work. Given that the nature of the company is investment, Jiang Jun has been plotted a lot at work as her competitors are aiming to make her fail.

The drama is an adaptation of the novel with the same title “Love is Sweet” written by Qi Zi.

Begin Again

Zhou Yu Tong as Lu Fang Ning
Gong Jun. as Ling Rui
Garvey Jin. as Lu Yi Yao / “Simon”
Wu Man Si as Cai Si Yu


One of my favorite among this list is the drama ‘Begin Again.’ Zhou Yu Tong nailed her character as the badass female CEO of Luning group Lu Fang Ning. She forced Ling Rui to marry her with the goal of escaping the pressure of bearing a successor coming from her family.

Ling Rui is not from a rich family but he is blessed with a happy home together with his aunts. Working as a surgeon, he has to pay for the debt of his aunt and coincidentally, it was the Lu Fangning who is the creditor.

Lu Fangning and Ling Rui started to have feelings for each other. As they develop their ‘reel to real’ kind of relationship, Lu Fangning’s position in the company started to fail. Trying to start a new life again, she decided to leave Ling Rui without a word. Clueless of what happened, Ling Rui continued his life without knowing that he already has a child with Lu Fangning. Later on, the two crossed paths again.


Lawrence Wong as Ye Fei Mo
Xu Hao as Wen Xiao Nuan
Wu Hao Ze as Gu Yun Zhou
Bai Xin Yi as Wang Jia Yi


To financially support the for close Huangmei Opera Troupe, Wen Xiao Nuan decided to act as someone who has a crush on a handsome CEO Ye Fei Mo as her new ‘gig.’ Wen Xiao Nuan eventually finds out that her new boss is a big headache.

Ye Fei Mo owns the huge entertainment company, Anning Group. he is strict and has a very upright moral and professionalism. He eventually enjoyed the attention of Wen Xiao Nuan and started to fall for her too.

He pushed Wen Xiao Nuan to become an A-lister actress and made her sign up for Anning Group. In the company, a lot of models and other actresses are giving her a hard time as they all wish to reach the top as well. Knowing how competent the industry is for Wen Xiao Nuan, Ye Fei Mo secretly helps her too.

Poisoned Love

Rui Peng as Shi Meng
Ma Meng Wei as Fang Yan
Luo Zheng as Shi Yi


Fang Yan is a talented voice actor but her condition stops her a lot from pursuing her career. She is suffering from a mental illness where she suddenly falls asleep. Trying to find the cure for her illness, she came across brothers who is a CEO of a voice talent agency and an actor, Shi Meng and Shi Yi.

Fang Yan mistaken Shi Yi as the cure to her illness as she always see him first every time she wakes up after her sudden deep sleep. On the other hand, she started to have feelings for for Shi Meng too.

She later on moved to Shi Meng’s house with Shi Yi thinking that being close to him can help her cure condition. Their funny roommate encounters must not be missed!

Hello Mr. Gu


Chen Jing Ke as Gu Xiao Zhou
Yan Zhi Chao as Zhou Jian Qing
Guo Yun Qi as Zhou Zi Xuan


Mr. Gu Xiao Zhou is the snobbish and strict CEO of a company who has a strong fear of crowd. He can get his work done well but he can never step on stage to present or even accept an award. He meets the hardworking but penniless student Zhou Jian Qing.

Zhou Jian Qing used to live a good life until her family’s business went down leaving her with no choice but to accept a lot of part-time jobs to make ends meet. Living together, they initially had a landlord-tenant relationship until they started to develop feelings for each other. Jian Qing also pursued her career in animation and has been getting help from Gu Xiao Zhou every time she gets into trouble.



Yu Shu Xin as Chu Li
Ding Yu Xi as Zhou Chuan
Yang Shi Ze as Jiang Yu Cheng
Ma Yin Yin as Gu Bai Zhi


After graduating university with a major in financing, Chu Li successfully enters her dream company, Yuan Yue Publishing House. However, a challenging path lies ahead of her when she finds out that the publishing industry at this time has undergone huge changes.

There she meets author Zhou Chuan, who is said to be gentle as a jade when he’s really not. The two are immediately at odds, with Zhou Chuan later discovering that Chu Li is his online friend, Monkey.
The drama is an adaptation of the novel “Here’s Chu Li” written by Qing Mei.

Plot Love

Chen Shu Jun as Su Bei
Ross Chen as Lu Nan


Su Bei used to practice as a fashion designed but was accused of plagiarism. Her lack of confidence lead her to further study abroad. She returns back to China after seven years as the confident Su Bei who is a a model agency talent scout.  

She is eager to know the truth behind the incident which cause the death of her only relative Aunt La. Thus, she decided to get in-touch with her ex-husband Lu Nan who initially misunderstood their old married life thinking that Su Bei is only after their family’s wealth. 

The drama is an adaptation of the novel “Jin Pai Tian Qi, Zong Cai Chong Hun 1314 by Yun Qi Mo Li.

Nothing But You

Rain Wang as Jiang Li Li / Bi Xiao Ran
Luo Zheng as Lai Zheng Yi
Ding Jia Wen as Qin Yan Fei


Jiang Li Li has a happy-go-lucky character. An incident turned her life upside down when she was forced to become ‘Bi Xiao Ran,’ her twin sister. Bi Xiao Ran is a successful and popular movie and entertainment show producer.

Bi Xiao Ran has been hospitalized due to an accident so Jiang Li Li is now the Bi Xiao Ran working for Qin Yan Fei. The new Bi Xiao Ran and Qin Yan Fei now pretends to be a newly engaged couple as well.
The drama is an adaptation of the novel “He Came Against the Light” (Ta Ni Guang Er Lai) written by Zuo Tong.


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