GAHO’s Kdrama OSTs to Hype You for the OST Symphony: Kdrama in Concert!

The Korean Cultural Center’s OST Symphony: Kdrama in Concert is gearing up for an epic night, and with GAHO’s powerhouse vocals leading the charge, you know it’s going to be unforgettable!

This free concert on June 29th is your chance to relive all those heart-fluttering, tear-jerking, and adrenaline-pumping moments from your favorite Kdrama with the singer behind some of the most iconic OSTs. Get ready to sing along with some of his greatest hits that he might be performing at the concert:

Start Over (Itaewon Class)

Remember that feeling of chasing your dreams with everything you’ve got? This upbeat and inspirational track from Itaewon Class will have you reminiscing about those moments of determination and celebrating the power of never giving up– just like Park Sae Roy.

Running – Start Up OST

The energy in the concert hall is about to pick up! “Running” is likely an energetic track that will get you pumped and ready to sing your heart out. This could be the song that plays during a race against time, a thrilling chase scene, or maybe just a moment of pure kdrama fun. It is sure to remind you of the happy moments of Seo Dal Mi, Nam Do San, Han Ji Pyeong and the rest of the team.

Yellow Light (King the Land)

Calling all King the Land fans! GAHO’s latest kdrama OST, “Yellow Light,” is an exciting and hopeful track that reflects the blossoming romance in the drama. Get ready to feel the anticipation and excitement rise as this song fills the concert hall.

Not Over 끝이 아니길 – The Last Empress OST

Ah, the lingering effects of a powerful kdrama love story! “Not Over” suggests a song that perfectly captures that feeling of a love that continues to hold a special place in your heart. This is your chance to sing along and reminisce about those unforgettable scenes from “The Last Empress”.

Wind 바람 – Stranger 2 OST

With a title like “Wind,” you know this song is bound to be heartwarming and hopeful. It might be the OST that plays during a pivotal moment of growth or a sweet reunion in your favorite kdrama. Get ready to feel all the warm fuzzies as you revisit those moments at the concert.

Time – Time OST

This emotional ballad from the kdrama simply titled “Time” will touch your core. GAHO’s vocals weave a powerful story, perfectly complementing the themes of the kdrama.

Memories – Jirisan OST

“Memories” from the kdrama Jirisan is sure to bring back the rush of memories from the Kdrama characters, the beauty of the mountain setting and the suspenseful moments the rangers had during their rescues.

Where in The Fog (‘Somewhere in the Mist’) – Why Her OST

The mystery thickens with “Where in the Fog,” an OST from the kdrama Why Her. This song will likely add a touch of suspense and intrigue to the concert, perfectly capturing the essence and the dramatic feeling the drama brought.

This is just a glimpse into GAHO’s impressive kdrama OST collection. With such a diverse range of songs, the OST Symphony promises to be a night filled with nostalgia, excitement, and unforgettable kdrama moments. Don’t miss out on this free concert! (Read: Gaho is Coming to Manila for the OST Symphony: Kdrama in Concert) free concert this June 29, 2024 at the Metropolitan Theater!


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