Heart-Racing Moments to Reminisce at the Pit Babe 1st Fanmeeting “Love’s Journey” in Manila

Manila’s SM Skydome was filled with excitement for the “Pit Babe Asia Tour: Love’s Journey” last June 22 with fans from across the Philippines coming to see the cast of the hit Thai BL series “Pit Babe” at their very first ever fan meeting presented by Wish Us Luck. They also held a press conference before the show.

Our Pit Babe crew starring Pavel Naret Promphaopun, Pooh Krittin Kitjaruwannakul, Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai, Sailub Hemmawich Kwanamphaiphan, Ping Orbnithi Leelavetchabutr, Garfield Pantach Kankham, Michael Kiettisak Vatanavitsakul, Lee Asre Watthanayakul, TopTen Supakorn Saokhor, Pop Pataraphol Wanlopsiri, Benz Atthanin Thaninpanuvivat, and Nut Supanut Lourhaphanich began the night with a heart-stopping “Speed of Love” performance in their hot racing outfits.

After the powerful performance, Pavel led the crowd in cheering “Pit Babe!” and said that it was his second time in the Philippines and he invited everyone to have fun with them during the fanmeeting. Lee, Pop, Benz, Garfield, Pon, Sailub, Pavel, Pooh, Nut, Ping, Michael, and Topten then introduced themselves in Tagalog and learned the terms “Gwapo,” “Jowa,” “Karera,” and “Mahal.”


The Pit Babe crew showcased their playful competitiveness during a game called “Shoot That Ball.” Players had to launch balls tied to strings into cups held at their waists by thrusting their hips up and down.

Team Pit Crew, comprised of Pon, Sailub, Benz, Garfield, Pop, and Lee, won the game. As punishment for the losing team, Front Runner, consisting of Pavel, Pooh, Ping, Nut, TopTen, and Michael, had to dance “Hit Me Up!” in Timethai. Pavel’s energetic performance even resulted in a hole in his pants, adding a touch of comedic chaos to the fan meeting.


Another highlight of the evening was a promise from the executive producer and actor Vorarit Vaijairanai, also known as Daddy Tony, that he agreed to return to Manila after Season 2 of “Pit Babe.” The announcement sent the crowd into a frenzy, solidifying the strong connection between the cast and their Filipino viewers.


Pooh, Pavel, Lee, Pop, Benz, Garfield, Pon, Sailub, Nut, Ping, Michael, and Topten had everyone at the edge of their seats when they played the famous Filipino party game ‘Calamansi Relay.’ The cast members showed off their witty walks and poses during the relay while making sure that the Calamansi stayed on their spoons. The fans cheered for their favorite team, and Team Pit Crew won again so Team Front Runner carried them ‘bridal-style!’


The last game tested the crew’s connection! The host asked questions, and two players needed to give the same answer to win. Sailub, Pon, Garfield, Benz, Lee, and Pop dominated for the third time! As punishment for their repeated victories, Pooh, Pavel, Ping, Nut, Michael, and Topten showered them with compliments – a hilarious twist!


The energy at the venue was amazing all night! Fans cheered for their favorite actors and sang along to the show’s theme song. Sailub and Pon delivered a cute performance of “Told Ya” while Pooh and Pavel made hearts flutter with their duet of “Better Me.”

Michael and Topten blew everyone away with “Incredible” while Garfield, Benz, Lee, and Pop brought energy with their performance of “Bad Guys.” Ping sang “It’s Alright” and Nut’s sweet voice filled the dome as he sang “Invisible.”


To cap off the unforgettable night, the entire cast took the stage for a heartfelt rendition of “Forever.” A sea of mini rainbow flags waved throughout the venue, creating a heartwarming display of inclusivity. A video message from fans flashed on the screen, leaving the boys touched and filled with gratitude. They even prepared a cake for Pooh and Topten and sang a birthday song for them.

The evening culminated when Pavel, on behalf of the Pit Babe crew, thanked all of their Filipino fans for coming to their fan meeting and for their love and support. As an act of gratitude, Pooh, Pavel, Lee, Pop, Benz, Garfield, Pon, Sailub, Nut, Ping, Michael, and Topten gave out signed paper planes to fans.

The “Pit Babe Asia Tour: Love’s Journey in Manila” truly showcased the connection between the cast and the fans and we wish to see you guys again in the future! The event was brought by Wish Us Luck Entertainment.


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