ONEW Playlist: Prepare Your Playlist for the 2024 ONEW Fanmeeting GUESS! in Manila

The excitement is building in Manila as we are closer to D-Day! ONEW, the vocalist of SHINee, is bringing his solo magic to the stage with the “2024 ONEW FANMEETINGGUESS!〉in MANILA”. To elevate your concert experience, we’ve crafted a diverse playlist that goes beyond the usual hits. Make sure to add them on your playlist and listen to them on repeat before the most-awaited day!


This powerful and introspective number sets the stage for the emotional depth you can expect throughout the concert. ONEW’s soaring vocals take center stage, showcasing his impressive range as he explores complex themes with captivating intensity.

어떤 사이 (SIGN)

“SIGN” seamlessly transitions the mood with its funky basslines and a catchy chorus that create an irresistible dance floor favorite guaranteed to get you moving and anticipating the live performance.


If you’re looking for a moment of quiet reflection but still wishes a pop beat music, “In the whale” is the perfect choice. This beautifully melancholic pop song showcases ONEW’s delicate vocals to shine.


Building on the introspective mood, “starry night” further showcases ONEW’s artistry. Gentle piano chords and a melancholic melody create a sense of vulnerability and yearning. The song’s emotional depth allows you to fully connect with ONEW and Lee Jin Ah’s powerful performance.


No ONEW playlist is complete without a heart-melting ballad. “Lullaby” offers a soulful and comforting melody, perfect for creating a special moment during the concert. ONEW’s warm vocals and the song’s soothing instrumentation will have you swaying along, enveloped in a wave of pure serenity.


Love knows no bounds, and neither does ONEW’s musical expression. “Always” is a timeless declaration of love, presented with a touch of soulful R&B. The song’s versatility showcases another side of ONEW’s artistry, his ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level through heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals.


While exploring new music is exciting, revisiting iconic tracks is equally important. “DICE,” the title track from his 2nd mini album, is a powerful and energetic song. This track is guaranteed to get the crowd pumped, reminding everyone of ONEW’s commanding stage presence and undeniable charisma.


“Shine On You” is a fan favorite, known for its uplifting message and positive vibes. The song’s catchy melody and optimistic lyrics will have you singing along and radiating joy. It’s a perfect reminder of ONEW’s ability to connect with his fans and create an atmosphere of pure positivity.

With this playlist by your side, you’ll be fully prepared to embrace the full spectrum of ONEW’s musicality at his “2024 ONEW FANMEETINGGUESS!〉in MANILA”. So, put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and get ready for an unforgettable night filled with music, joy, and shared memories! Few tickets left available via Ticketnet! This fanmeeting is presented by L-Squared Productions.


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