Korean A-Listers Shed Their Stardom for 72 Hours in Disney+ Reality Show “My Name Is Gabriel”

For Korea’s most recognizable celebrities, life is a whirlwind of flashing cameras, fan adoration, and non-stop schedules. But what if they could swap the red carpet for a chance to experience ordinary life? That’s the intriguing premise behind Disney+’s upcoming reality show, “My Name Is Gabriel,” premiering on June 21st.

This unique series takes viewers on a captivating journey as some of South Korea’s biggest stars trade in their celebrity personas for a taste of normalcy. Imagine Park Bogum, the heartthrob of “Reply 1988,” navigating a new city as an everyday citizen. Or comedic genius Park Myungsoo, known for his hilarious antics on “Infinite Challenge,” trying to blend in with a new family. “My Name Is Gabriel” promises just that, as beloved actors Ji Changwook (“The Worst of Evil”), actress Yeom Hyeran (“The Glory”), and TV personality Gabee join the roster of celebrities stepping outside their comfort zones.

Here’s the exciting twist: to truly test their adaptability, the show utilizes an AI algorithm to assign each celebrity a brand new identity in a different country. Gone are the familiar surroundings and the support network of managers and publicists. From the vibrant streets of Chiang Mai to the historic charm of Dublin, these stars will find themselves in unfamiliar territory, living with new families and even taking on everyday jobs.

Produced by the legendary Kim Taeho, the mastermind behind the iconic “Infinite Challenge,” “My Name Is Gabriel” promises a captivating blend of heartwarming moments and side-splitting humor. Audiences can expect to see these stars struggle and laugh as they navigate the challenges of everyday life – from mastering local customs to conquering new tasks.

But “My Name Is Gabriel” is more than just a glimpse into celebrity struggles. It’s a testament to the human desire for connection and the universality of the human experience. Witnessing these beloved stars adapt and find their place within new communities is sure to resonate with viewers.

Don’t miss “My Name Is Gabriel,” the reality show that promises to redefine what it means to be a celebrity.


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