PitBabe Crew Announces Season 2 and Upcoming Projects at Their Recent Pit Babe in Manila Fanmeeting Press Conference

The PitBabe crew, led by the charming pair of Pavel and Pooh, recently held a press conference ahead of their PitBabe First Fanmeeting in Manila June 23 at the SM Skydome to share their experiences filming the hit racing series and to announce exciting new projects on the horizon.

With a full-house cast including Pavel, Pooh, Sailub, Pon, Nut, Ping, Garfield, Michael, Topten, Lee, Pop and Benz, the cast gladly welcomed the media and shared their thoughts about their upcoming season 2 and more.

Nut Opens Up About the Challenges of Playing Way

Nut, known for his versatility in portraying a range of characters, shared the unique challenges he faced in playing Way. “While all my characters are distinct, Way was particularly demanding because he falls in love with his best friend. This involved a lot of emotional scenes and even a tearful car sequence. It was tough, but I believe I delivered a great performance.” Nut shared.

Pon’s Dream Driver

When asked who his ideal driver would be and whose car he’d love to borrow, Pon didn’t hesitate. “Of course, I’d choose my partner’s car in the series! He owns a garage, so he’d be the perfect person to ask. But honestly, I’d be happy just relaxing in the back seat.”

Ping’s Upcoming Projects

Ping revealed his busy schedule, juggling two exciting projects this year: “I’m the Most Beautiful Count” alongside Nut and the highly anticipated season 2 of Pitbabe.

Learning from Lee’s Character

Lee discussed the valuable lessons he learned from portraying Dean, a self-centered character. “Dean cares more about himself than others,” Lee explained. “This experience has taught me the importance of caring for those around me.”

Places to Visit for PitBabe Fans (Sailub’s Recommendation)

For fans visiting Thailand, Sailub, also known as Spy, recommends checking out the filming locations, particularly the racing track. He also offered some food recommendations, although the specifics weren’t revealed.

Words of Advice from Pop

Pop, known for his tough-guy persona, offered some sage advice for his character. “He can be a bit of a bully,” Pop admitted. “I’d tell him to calm down, be polite, and show kindness. There’s no need to be all swag all the time.”

Garfield’s Aspiration for Acting Excellence

Garfield’s passion for acting shone through when he spoke about his aspirations. “Acting is what I love most,” he declared. “I want to refine my craft, learn more about acting, dancing, and anything that will make me a well-rounded performer.”

Behind-the-Scenes Fun with Michael

Michael reminisced about his favorite behind-the-scenes moments, particularly the camaraderie during group scenes. “We all have a great time filming together,” he shared.

Topten’s Next Project: A Horror Race

Topten, intrigued by the racing theme of PitBabe, expressed his interest in exploring a different genre. “I’d love to try a horror race,” he revealed. “That’s actually the theme of my next project, a film that will be released this year.

The press conferences ended with a thankful note from Benz and the cast. “First of all, thank you for the support that the fans gave to the show and as the result, there will be PitBabe Season 2. We also have social media as well so you can share, post stories and we can also engage with each other. Please make sure to support us all the way. Thank you for the support up until here in the Philippines and in the future, I hope that all the fans to continue to support for our incoming projects including PitBabe 2.”

The PitBabe First Fanmeeting in Manila is presented by Wish Us Luck. The press conference is followed by activities for the fanmeeting including performances, games and fan benefits.

Photos: Wish Us Luck


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