“HIT BITE LOVE THE SERIES” Press Conference Highlights; Meeting Fans at LACON 2023

The lead stars of “Hit Bite Love The Series”, NewYear, Jur, Tae, Vic, Alan, BigBoss, and Goove, visit Manila for the first time and held a sit down interview with the media for the 1st Thai Fan Convention in the Philippines, the LACON 2023, held last July 8 at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City.

The Thai romantic BL series “Hit Bite Love The Series” is directed by Yuan Tin Tun Danop. This series provides a glimpse into the lives of high school students, with intimate dramas showcasing the bold young love with their colorful connections and memorable experiences. This series addresses the various situations and issues that every teenager has when it comes to love.

The Hit Bite Love Series Cast

Hit Bite Love The Series stars Newyear Nawaphat Thannamongkhonsawat as “King”, Jur Vasin Traiprakhong as “Burger”, Tae Natthapat Meesuk as “Saint”, Vic Vittawin Panichtamrong as “Hida”, Alan Campana as “Matteo”, BigBoss Woraphon Charoensuk as “Shokun” and Goove Jirayus Sarika as “Ton-Kluay.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the happenings during their LACON 2023 press conference:

How does it feel to be popular in different countries?

Alan: “First of all, I would like to thank you, the fans, because when we first started, I paid attention and tried our best to portray the role. I didn’t expect this to have this much response from the fans, so it’s very unexpected, and thank you so much to the fans for that.”

Given your young age, what experiences and memories have you gained while filming “Hit Bite Love The Series” that you think you can apply or use in the future?

NewYear: “This is the first one that I started, and of course I will continue doing my best in the next one. And since this is the very first series that I have started, of course I have a lot of the same experiences that I’m going to continue to use for the next filming or work that I have in the future.”, He answered confidently that he learned a lot of things and gained experiences while working with this series, and he will surely use them as a guide for his upcoming projects.

As Oppa is Life is also excited to meet the cast and get to know them more, we asked them what food they wanted to try or places that they wanted to visit here in the Philippines.

What food do you want to try or places do you want to visit here in the Philippines?

BigBoss: “I want to do both: Try Filipino foods, and the place I want to visit is… I want to go to the beach. Any beach because the Philippines has a beautiful place for beaches. And for the food, I want to try everything.”

Do you think loving someone has to be kept low-key or hidden

Vic: “If it’s love, it has to be something to be open. Because you have to show [to everyone] that someone is your love, of course it has to be open.”

“If you would tour your Filipino fans, where would you bring them in Thailand?”

Jur: Actually, Thailand has so many places that I’m going to bring them, but the recommendation will be the ones in temples, especially The Grand Palace and Wat Arun, and you can also go on the road trip alongside the Chao Phraya River. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Thailand.”

Did you face any challenges while working on Hit Bite Love The Series, and how did you overcome them?

Tae: “It’s definitely something that is really, really difficult. First of all, this is my very first show, and when I get here, I’m very excited, but when the time comes to start, it’s really difficult, and of course, this is my first show. I have a lot to overcome, and I want to get better and better, so I have to try my best, and I just, you know, try whatever is possible that helped me to go through with it.”

Is there a role that you want to try in the future?

Goove: “I want to try a thriller that makes me think of a ghost because it’s something totally challenging and not [in] human [form]. So I want to try something new. I want to try different gestures, especially unusual gestures like crawling. Something that is not normal for people to do.”

What characteristics of your past members that you didn’t know before and now that you discovered them surprised you?

Alan to BigBoss: “When they first met, he was something like kind of healthy or eats healthy because he’s super thin and has a good figure, but in fact he eats everything possible. Like he’s really a big eater, and I didn’t expect that.”

Jur to NewYear: “When we first met him, he didn’t talk much, but as time went on, he talked a lot, and we got to know each other. He now talks too much and likes to mess around with people.”

NewYear: “Every joke looks serious, so I’m not sure anymore if it is really a joke, but it’s really serious, so he [Vic] has that ability that surprised me.”

Vic: “Khun Tae’s character is nerdy. I thought he was [also] kind of nerdy in real life.”

Tae: “The [first] day [I met] Vic, I thought he was also quiet; he doesn’t talk much with other people, but by the time he’s kind of like, I can’t say naughty, but likes to mess around, but he doesn’t much do it. Like what he said, he likes to talk with people, but not too much.”

Goove to BigBoss: “He is the one who I thought does not talk too much. But by the day come, he’s very silly, and I didn’t expect it. And now, he talks too much; he talks more than me actually.

BigBoss to Goove: “By his looks, he might be someone who very much likes to talk. So I didn’t expect Goove to be like a kind of big brother that is kind of, you know, but in fact he’s very neat and he’s very soft spoken.”

What is your dream collaboration?

BigBoss: “I want to work with Vic because he’s a musician, so it would be best to have a collaboration with him in the future.”

Jur: “I want to collaborate with Jackson Wang. I know it’s kind of far and it might not be happening, but if you dream for it, it will happen. Dream far and you will achieve it. I want to work with him because he is well-rounded; he’s a dancer, singer, and can do acting. So everything. So this is what I look forward to in the future.”

The Hit Bite Love cast came to Manila to partake in most exciting and first ever Thai fandom convention in the Philippines, the LACON: Convention for Thai Fandom 2023 presented by Wish Us Luck and Jinloe Official.

Written By: Mariella Leyba
Photos: Jessa Lacao


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