HORI7ON “Friend-ship” Voyage to Manila Press Conference Highlights

Before their most awaited homecoming in Manila for the “Friend-ship” Voyage to Manila, HORI7ON held their press conference last September 7 for a sit-down interview with the media. Here are some of the things that the members fondly talked about.

A few months back, HORI7ON members Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus teased one another about having a concert in Araneta but this eventually manifested and they are finally achieving one of the milestones of the group in no time.

What the members missed about Manila

Now, that they’re back in the Philippines, they missed a lot of things. It maybe the little things but some of the members misses their cats, the screaming of fans, and definitely the food such as Bicol Express, Adobo, Kare-Kare, Biko and more.

Most importantly, as HORI7ON members are still young, they really missed their parents and the Filipino Anchors. The boys also shared that Filo Anchors give off the best support. Their cheering and screams really motivated them to do well.

It’s also fun going to Korea and Mexico, they are taking care of them well, there’s a lot of fans cheering for them too, even high school students, as seen in the 100 Days of Miracle.

Memorable experiences for HORI7ON

Marcus: training in general is really hard, adjusting, practicing.

Vinci: After practicing, Marcus started crying when we are cooling down. He got overwhelmed with all the things going on. It was in the early stage, when we are still coming up with what title track we should go for. ‘Group hug’ was the thing we did to make him stop crying.

Kim: Maybe the most memorable moment for me is when we pranked Kyler on his birthday. His steps are perfect, but Jeromy keeps on pointing out his mistakes.

Kyler: My steps are just fine, but Jeromy keeps on nagging. But the pressure is on me, because Jeromy is much younger than me, then he’s pointing out a lot of things… Also, because even though we’re apart from our family, I still have my members as family. Our relationship got deeper because of that.

The group’s favorite tracks from “FRIEND-SHIP”

The boys shared that “SIX7EEN” is a memorable song for the group especially for Kyler, Winston and Reyster. They shared that they love it because it is where it all “started” especially that it is their debut song.

Kim also shared that he likes “Lovey Dovey” because it is their first music video and they performed it in numerous music shows in Korea. While Marcus likes the song “How You Feel” since the song is unique, it is all in Korean. While Vinci said he likes the song “Death or Paradise” because it is giving the vibe of HORI7ON.

HORI7ON’s favorite KPOP and Pinoy Songs

During the press conference, the members also shared their current favorite Kpop songs including NewJeans’ “ETA”, NCT’s “Baggy Jeans”, Ateez’s “Bouncy”, TNX’s “Move”, The Boyz’s “Roar”, Enhypen’s “Criminal Love” and Jungkook’s “Seven”.

As for their favorite Pinoy songs, Maruc loves the song “Habang Buhay” by Zack Tabudlo, Kyler likes “Isa Lang” by Arthur Nery, Vinci enjoys the song “Raining in Manila” by Lola Amour, Reyster is a fan of the song “Leaves” by Ben&Ben, Winston listens to the song “Byahe” by Josh Santana, Kim is fond of the song “Ikaw Nga” by Michael Pangilinan while Jeromy’s favorite Pinoy song is “Paraluman” by Arthur Nery.

HORI7ON’s encounter with BTS’ Jungkook

The boys excitedly shared how they met Jungkook after filming their dance challenge. They shared that Reyster gets starstrucked when he saw Jungkook. He was really too stunned to exit the stage as what we’ve seen in one of the viral videos online.

A message to ANCHORs

“To our ANCHORs, we’re really really thankful for all of your support. Thank you so much for your tireless support. We can feel all your love when we were in Korea. We will give back the amount of love and support that you’ve given us.” – HORI7ON

What’s next for HORI7ON?

“After our concert, we will still stay in the Philippines and happily promote here before going back to Korea. How about having a world tour next time? Is that too much of a dream? Because we’re just starting, there will be more events that will give us much more opportunities. Also, we hope to win an award internationally.

How do you plan to connect to fans around the world?

Kpop has a vast variety of genre when it comes to music. When we went to Mexico, we saw how KPop is well loved there. We don’t think we don’t need to cater to a specific audience to please them. Music in general can naturally penetrate any global demographics. We hoped everyone is open to HORI7ON and makes it globally.

Best lesson that made you get through your toughest times in Korea?

All the rigorous training that we went through to prepare for this concert, you’ll be able to see it at our concert. We will show you so much, compared to our fan meeting before, we will show more. Why don’t you come and join us. Forget anything, but don’t forget the fan chants.

The event is presented by MLD Entertainment and DNM Entertainment.

Article: Regine Monsanto
Photos: James Daryl Lapuz


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