HORI7ON successfully sailed their 1st “Friend-ship” Voyage To Manila Concert

Just 47 days after their successful debut in South Korea, all-Filipino global pop group HORI7ON came back to their motherland for their first-ever concert titled “FRIEND-SHIP Voyage to Manila” last September 9.


 The newly opened Quantum Skyview at Gateway Mall 2 became a safe place for fangirls and fanboys alike to express their love for HORI7ON. As soon as the mall opened its doors, ANCHORs were busy lining up and going through the different booths prepared by fellow fans. Random play dance winners got to take home albums and signed posters. Free food such as donuts, waffles, and hotdogs were given out.

 An LED truck was also spotted roving around the concert venue. ANCHORs truly went all out with their preparations!


A good time with HORI7ON

 HORI7ON knew how to put on a show. The septet opened the show with their hard-hitting tracks — “Meteor”, “Dash”, and “Tiger.” The boys only had time to catch their breaths during the introductions. Marcus said, “Thank you for being here tonight! We’re gonna give you a good time!”  The show continued with performances of “SIX7EEN” and “Birthday.”


Individual charms and special guests

 Solo performances were put into motion with Winston’s “Teum”, Marcus’ “Light Way”, and Jeromy’s “Bonnie & Clyde.” The hyung line went next with Vinci’s “Ready to Burn”, Kim’s “Like a Fiction”, Kyler’s “Silhouette”, and Reyster’s LSS-certified rap song “Cost.”

 The solos were made more special with guests from the up-and-coming boy group from MLD Entertainment. Former Dream Chasers Jom, Thad, Wilson, Macky, and Josh L. formally introduced themselves as New:ID. They performed a Tagalog version of their pre-debut single “E.R.”

 Noa and Leo of the South Korean-Japanese boy band TFN were also shown on screen. Haeun of the girl group Lapillus, surprised the crowd when she appeared in the flesh to perform “How You Feel” with co-labelmates Jeromy and Marcus.

K-Pop dance covers

 ANCHORs were in for a treat when HORI7ON covered the following K-pop dance tracks: “Sugar Rush Ride” by TXT, “S-Class” by Stray Kids, “Drunk-Dazed” by ENHYPHEN, “Super” by SEVENTEEN, “ETA” by NewJeans, and “Fast Forward” by Jeon Somi.


GENTO fever

 The concert wouldn’t be complete without a “GENTO” by SB19 performance. The hit song has been making waves in South Korea and has been covered multiple times by K-pop idols.


 HORI7ON weren’t the only ones who could pull off surprises. Video messages from their families and ANCHORs from all over the world made the boys emotional. The boys also took a picture with the flower bouquets and cake which were given as gifts. 


 Handwritten letters from each of the members played on screen. HORI7ON relayed their appreciation to ANCHORs who had been by their side since the beginning.



 A concert is never over without an encore. HORI7ON sang “SIX7EEN” and “Dash” a second time. The boys and their dancers were having fun while playing with the confetti on stage.

 It was a meaningful 3-hour concert for HORI7ON and ANCHORs. “FRIEND-SHIP Voyage to Manila” is brought to us by DNM Entertainment.

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Article: Nish Salvatierra and Jessa Lacao
Photos: DNM Entertainment









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