Jeju, South Korea: Charm and Charm Store

If you are trying to buy good cosmetic and skin care products but wishes to get it at a lower cost than the mainstream ones or you just want to try new products at all. Then, the Jeju Charm and Charm is for you! This is a huge cosmetic shop catering for different products and brands! From the well-known ones down to the fresh names in the market.

Take note that this is a duty-free shop but it follows the ‘reimbursement’ type wherein one receipt must reach a certain amount for it to be eligible for refunds. The refund will be collected only at the airport before flying to your next destination.

Ella’s experience

When we arrived at the shop, we were directed to a free sampling of some products. Since we went to the shop as a group of tourists, I felt somehow that it’s required to join them even though we are not that much interested with the product. It’s a good thing that my friend actually bought one!

After the 15-minute sampling ‘show,’ I headed on the lipsticks corner since I am still looking for a particular brand and design of lipstick that a friend back in the Philippines asked me to buy. Unfortunately, with the amount of lipstick choices they have, I didn’t find the ones I need.

Before anything else, I am still glad that got to bring home my favorite Kakaotalk character, Ryan!!! I found this corner where cute stuffs like lip balm, colognes and toothbrush in Kakaotalk characters are being sold. I got the cologne!!


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