Kfood Krawl: Snow Panda is Korean Snack And Bingsu One Stop Shop

Craving for some Korean food or wanna satisfy your sweet tooth with some bingsu? Snow Panda is a restaurant that serves Korean food and Bingsu at the same time and it’s just located in Ayala Malls Circuit Makati.


The restaurant is a playground-ish colorful type of restaurant that serves Korean comfort food and popular street food like Bingsu, kimbap, Mandu, corn cheese bacon french fries, and cupbab (their version of bibimbap).

They also have cute toy displays on their shelves and have a snowflakes design to give that winter-type feel. Aside from that, loops of music videos have been played for everyone to enjoy Kpop music and ost while munching on their snacks.

My first visit to the place was when Marucci had his farewell fan meet and so I noticed that the place can also be a venue for small events alike.


Since we had quite a number of orders, it has been expected that the time of serving would take longer. Hence, the other fans from each table ordered almost the same as we had.

My friends and I had tteokbokki. It’s spicy and sweet like what we usually eat in Korea but for Filipinos, it would be more than the usual spice that one can handle unless you really love spicy food. I hope they’ll be considering additions of choices for the level of spiciness but overall, the taste is authentic and good.

The corn cheese bacon french fries is an unusual dish in a Korean restaurant but it’s nice to try it as a side dish. Also, it is one of Filipino’s favorite snacks so it’s nicely combined if you’ll order tteokbokki or bingsu.

Their bingsu is more colorful than the usual bingsu that I tried before but taste-wise, it’s almost the same, they also added strawberry syrup which makes it sweeter yet a little tangy to balance the taste. It has strawberry cuts, some marshmallows, and some whipped cream for frostings.

Last among the items that we tried is the blueberry yogurt drink and strawberry yogurt drink. This is perfect for those who love sour drinks like I do. The fact that it has yogurt already meant it’s gonna be tangy and adding some blueberry flavor heightened it up further. It’s best partnered with Tteokbokki because it would help you lessen the spicy level of the food.

Ella’s recommendation

1. They have the most common Bingsu flavor which is the injeolmi. I highly suggest that you try injeolmi bingsu if it’s your first time eating this kind of food.
2. Order something sweet and cold if you plan to order tteokbokki. You might find it very spicy if you are not good at eating spicy food.

I visited this branch to attend the fanmeeting of Marucci. 

Location: Ayala Malls, Circuit Makati


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