Thai Stars “JimmySea” Steals The Hearts Of Fans At The GMMTV Fanday 8 in Manila

The GMMTV Fan Day 8 in Manila is graced with the presence of the charming duo, Jimmy (Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok) and Sea (Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert) popularly known as the couple “JimmySea” from the hit series “Last Twilight”, “Bad Buddy”, and “Vice Versa”.

The duo stole hearts of their Filipino fans last November 18, 2023 at The Podium Hall where they held a back-to-back fanmeeting with JoongDunk. With their soulful melodies, charming stage presence, and heartwarming interactions, creating an unforgettable night of music, friendship, and kilig moments!

The venue was filled with warmth as the two charismatic actors took the stage with their soulful voices when they sang ‘My Eyes Can’t Lie’ (สายตาโกหกไม่เป็น) by Earth Pirapat.

Learning Filipino with JimmySea

JimmySea sent Filipino Nomnoms into a frenzy when they greeted them with the heartfelt Tagalog phrases “Kumusta na, babe?” (How are you, babe?) and “Kayo lang ang aking mahal” (You are the only one I love). The fans’ thunderous screams echoed through the venue, attesting to the electrifying presence of the two.

TMI Time with JimmySea

During the Q&A session, JimmySea revealed their desire to be Mhok and Day, their characters in Last Twilight, if transported to an alternate universe. They also teased an upcoming exciting scene from Last Twilight that will leave fans yearning for a trip to Thailand.

Sea shared his newfound understanding of blind persons’ perspectives and their capacity to love and be loved and there’s hope for them, while Jimmy emphasized the inherent goodness within everyone, regardless of outward appearances. Both encouraged their fans to not give up in reaching their goals.

The game “Couple Ring”

Jimmy and Sea played the ‘Couple Ring’ game that resembled the popular “paper dance.” Instead of using paper, however, the challenge was to fit within a designated “ring” that gets smaller after each round while keeping their balance to stay inside it. The game brought out their competitive spirits but was not able to win the game so they had to do the consequences – Sea singing an acapella and Jimmy flexing his biceps.

For their second game, JimmySea engaged in a playful “Couple Ball Relay” challenge, where they had to skillfully maneuver balls using only their cheeks and transfer them into an empty basket. Each successfully transferred ball was then given to fans

The Artsy Side of JimmySea

In the Art Corner segment, Jimmy and Sea took on the challenge of drawing each other on acrylic frames while sharing personal anecdotes. Jimmy jokingly said that he became a doctor because he passed the test while Sea shared that he started singing just three years ago and his inspirations were Jeff Satur and Ed Sheeran.

As Sea drew Jimmy’s portrait, he serenaded the audience with a soulful rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” The duo then raffled off their signed artwork to two lucky fans.

Jimmy and Sea slayed their solo performances, captivating the audience with their unique talents. Jimmy’s heartfelt rendition of “Just Friend” by Nanon Korapat stirred emotions, while Sea melted everyone’s heart with his performance of “Good Time” by Bright Vachirawit. Their individual performances showcased their diverse musicality and deepened their connection with the fans.

Unforgettable gift from the fans

JimmySea raised the cloth banners prepared by the fans. This is also the same banner that the fans used to write their messages. As the couple face the screen, a fan project that showcased heartfelt messages of the fans were played.

Sea told the fans that he wanted to give love back to the fans and he will love himself to get the best version of himself. While Jimmy thanked everyone for coming, he also shared that he was impressed by the fans’ energy and promised that it wont be the last time he will visit the Philippines. Jimmy and Sea then posed for a group photo with their the crowd, capturing the memorable moment of their bond with their fans.

“Better Days”

JimmySea concluded the fan meeting with a heartwarming performance of “Better Days,” and even went down the stage to get closer with their their fans. It was a unforgettable night filled with laughter, joy, and shared emotions, a testament to the unwavering bond that exists between JimmySea and their Nomnoms.

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GMMTV Fan Day 8 in Manila with JimmySea was brought to us by CDM Entertainment and GMMTV.

Article and photos: Jessa Lacao


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