K-Food Krawl: JjangDak Korean Fried Chicken BGC

This Korean Fried Chicken called “JjangDak” is one of the restaurants that I pass by everyday because this literally sits on the same building as my office. But then, working in BGC for two years now, our office only decided to try it once and for all after it trended online.


With high expectations because of social media postings, we entered the restaurant with the goal of trying their best dishes and celebrating one of my colleague’s birthday.

The restaurant could only accommadate a few groups at the same time (roughly around less than 30 pax if full capacity) but I am just glad that you won’t go out smelling like a fried chicken because it is somehow an open-area dining because they open the main door most of the time to let the air circulate inside. Still, they have enough ventilation inside.

The restaurant will remind you of the infamous “Itaewon Class” Danbam restaurant as the design is really the traidtional Korean pub you see in dramas.

The Jjangdak experience

As a fried chicken joint, the restaurant serves numerous Korean street food favorites and some staple. Their fried chicken are served by half size (6 pieces) or whole (12 pieces). All chicken are boneless. Since they also cater group meals, they also have an order that’s good for sharing. This order contains 3 flavor types of half chicken and pickled radish as a side dish.

I somewhat expected to receive kimchi as another side dish but there isn’t even if we have other orders aside from the fried chicken. Still, I am glad that they have the radish kimchi because it the perfect cleansing pair for fried chicken.

The chicken flavors we ordered are honey butter, garlic butter, mild yangnyeom and snow cheese. I am already familiar with all these flavors so I am actually the one who made the recommendations. We also ordered rose tteokbokki and odeng soup.

I am somewhat expecting the serving of the tteokbokki and odeng a bit smaller but it is really good for sharing. If you are ordering chicken, it is also best that you order something spicy like tteokbokki or you’ll end up feeling too much oil in your pallete.

As for the taste, the tteokbokki is not super spicy since we ordered the rose tteokbokki. For the odeng, I am honestly expecting it to be on stick but it wasn’t. Taste wise, I am glad that they put a lot of seaweed on the soup because I like it that way. Price wise, expect to spend around 1,500 to 2,000 pesos for a group of three.

Location: JJANG-DAK Chicken & Beer BGC (짱닭포차), Fort Palm Spring Condominium, BGC


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