Bambam brings us to “AREA 52” | 1st Solo Concert Highlights

BamBam just made his much-awaited comeback in Manila and this time it’s for his first world tour and solo concert, “Area 52.” The Thai K-pop artist graced the Araneta Coliseum last September 22 where he performed not just his own tracks but also some Filipino songs.

Here are moments from Double B’s event that are now a part of our core memory:

In His Area

For his first-ever solo world tour, BamBam came up with a solid concept that’s close to his heart. According to him, “Area 52” is derived from Area 51, a place in America that’s been associated with UFOs and aliens—a topic that he loves. He added that his birthday is on May 2, therefore he changed the number in the event’s title.

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Sky’s The Limit

Since the theme for BamBam’s concert is the universe and beyond, the stage design was literally out of this world. From the opening VCR, the backdrop for his performances, down to the lights, Ahgases felt as if they were in outer space.

BamBam showed his undeniable charisma in every song he performed. This includes “riBBon,” “Wheels Up,” “Pandora,” and “Ride Or Die.” He also sang and danced to GOT7’s “Hard Carry” which further proved how he can command the stage like no other.

A Festival With His Ate

BamBam’s fellow labelmate Sandara Park (they’re both from ABYSS Company), whom he fondly calls his ate or noona, is a special guest in the Manila leg of his concert. Dara set the stage on fire after performing 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” followed by “Dara Dara” and “Festival”—tracks from her self-titled solo album. 

Bambam’s co-labelmate “Dreamnote” also performed as the opening act for the show. The group even had a mini-fanmeeting ahead of the show.


Prior to his return to the PH, BamBam hinted about doing a song cover of Lola Amour’s “Raining In Manila.” During his concert, he finally serenaded the crowd with the viral track and revealed that he had been waiting all week for that moment. And because he enjoyed rehearsing for it and Filo Ahgases wanted more, BamBam performed “Raining In Manila” not just once but twice!

He also did a dance cover of SB19’s “Gento” two times and made everyone go wild; collaborated with his Ate Dara onstage for a live performance of “In Or Out”; and capped off his first solo concert by singing Ronnie Liang’s “Ngiti.” You can say that Manila is really special to BamBam with all the efforts he has been making to learn our language.

The night for “Area 52” in Manila ended with a photo opportunity with BamBam and a Hi-Touch for all concertgoers where they can go up on stage and shake his hands.

The event is brought to us by iMe PH. #AREA52inManila

Writer: Irene Lorenzana
Photos: Jamara Lee


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