Bambam Greets Fans at the Press Conference and Fan Signing of His AREA 52 Concert in Manila

After a year since his last visit in the Philippines, Kpop idol and GOT7 member Bambam held a press conference to greet the media, followed by a fansigning event to lucky fans last September 21 at the Quantum Skyview of Gateway 2 Mall. This is a special pre-event for his “BAMBAM THE 1ST WORLD TOUR: AREA 52 IN MANILA“.

AREA 52 is a festival

“It’s not just a concert, it is also a festival.” Bambam answered some of the questions given by the media. He shared that the “AREA 52”, his tour title is a tweak to a place in America called Area 51, an area known for UFO and aliens. This is also a concept that correate to his concert so he named it after the place.

BAMBAM is Filipino-coded

Asked if he actually prepared a Filipino song for the fans, he said that he doesn’t want to spoil everyone but the MC playfully gave a hint.

How Bambam prepares for his 1st solo world tour

“So you know, I prepared a lot of stuff. If you also see that, I also release a video, songs and new stuffs and that videos is what I want to you to see. This World Tour is time to groove and you will see how I grow for the past 3 years. You know when I was super nervous , I just do my own way because I know I grew as an artist.” – Bambam

Bambam’s pick

Bambam shared that his favorite song is “Ribbon” because it was the song that paved the way for him now. Ribbon is the perfect song for him to be a debut song as a solo artist.

Choosing Manila as his 1st stop in his World Tour

“As a KPOP Artist, the reason why I choose Manila as the 1st stop is because I’m not gonna lie, last year I came with Jackson, you guys made me really impressed and I really love your energy so much. So before I start the world tour, I decided to choose Manila as my first stop.”

The Area 52 concert experience

“Again, I would say it wasn’t just a typical concert, it will be like a communication or communicating with each other. It’s not about singing, dancing and that’s it, no for me, I want to bring something more than that. I don’t want to say too much but you guys have to see it.” Bambam

Soloist Bambam vs GOT7’s Bambam

“Actually it is not that different, it’s just I have to sing the whole song and dance the whole choreo. Besides than that, also the music style. GOT7 has own music style while I am also have own style to show another side. Sometimes, I feel lonely a bit times especially at the hotel it’s nothing much.”

Bambam is set to perform at the Araneta Coliseum for the “BAMBAM THE 1ST WORLD AREA 52 IN MANILA”. The show is presented by IME Philippines.

Article: Charlene Caderao
Photos: Celine Wong


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