STAN: Globe’s KmmunityPH Actively Partners With K-pop and Kdrama Fan Groups for More K-moment Opportunities!

With over 260,000 members, the Globe KmmunityPH continuously revolutionized the meaning of “stanning” (a term used by fans to define their strong support for their idols), they fostered numerous collaborations with various Kpop and Kdrama fan groups with the goal of amplifying the stan culture in the country and provide fun fan experience!

Bridging dreams, passion and opportunities

“Our vision at Globe has always been to uplift and empower. Through KmmunityPH, we are bridging dreams, passions, and opportunities. We support fans in their next level of stanning, providing them with platforms and resources to bring their dreams and fan projects to life. We want KmmunityPH to be a safe, nurturing environment for individuals who want to take their Hallyu passion further.” 

– Abigail Mariano, Korean Subcultures Manager

The growing Kpop Community in the Philippines

The Globe KmmunityPH partnered with numerous fanclubs to constantly promote the K-wave in the country. Some of the legendary partnerships are events with BLACKPINK PH for the Born Pink Concert, the “Hobiuary Project” and “BTS 10th Anniversary Celebration” with BTS PH. Another project is the social Take Over of ONCE HQ for the promotions of TWICE’s music!

Moreso, the group showered their support for the “NEVER LOST” of EXO’s Kim Jongdae and TWICE x ONCE 8th Anniversary.

Special events for the fans

For KMMUNITYPH’s upcoming event, they partnered with ENHYPEN PH to Enhypen’s 3rd Anniversary Fangathering “EN-GRANDE: The 2023 ENNIVERSARY Celebration,” happening on November 27 at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay activity area.

Upcoming Event

Another huge gathering for the KmmunityPH is the “K-leidoscope” event which is set to gather various fans from different fan groups and communities with a two-day line-up of exciting activities including performances, quiz night, games and more! The event is happening at the GCreator House (BGC) and Baked Studios (Makati)!

KmmunityPH is also inviting fans to join the free dance classes at the Globe Creator House until December 6! The dance classes features various Kpop hits from different Kpop groups that the fans will surely love.

For the Kdrama stans

The KmmunityPH doesn’t just end with promoting Kpop, they also partnered with various brands to for the fanmeetings of Wi Ha Jun, Kim Seon Ho, and Ahn Hyo Seop. Aside from that, the KmmunityPH managed to score an exclusive interview content with Kim Bum in partnership with Viu Philippines.  Viu also gave away premium subscription vouchers to the fans!

Get to know more about the KmmunityPH by joining the group and following their Twitter and Tiktok accounts! To learn more about Globe, visit


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