Kfood Krawl: BB.Q Chicken Food Review

You have probably seen the viral BB.Q Chicken posts on Tiktok and Facebook and that might have lead you here because you are curious on the reviews. Since I visited the restaurant when I attended an event, let me share with you some of my thoughts about their restaurant, menu and more.


This is not my first time trying BB.Q Chicken but this is the first time that I ate in their restaurant. It maybe known for their best-selling fried chicken so you are probably expecting an easy-going fast food restaurant feel but they are actually a fine dining restaurant.

I visited there during the Disney+ Philippines’ first anniversary and K-Whiz Night so the restaurant is quite dressed up for the occasion. Still, the good thing is that despite the store being closed for reservation that night. If you are a passerby and you just want chicken, they still have an alfresco dining for you.

Food and Drinks

Given that I came here for an event, we already have a list/menu of food that they’ll be serving for the guests. Thus, I am glad that managed to try various dishes in one go. Here are the food that I tried:

Golden Fried Chicken (Right), Secret Golden Fried Chicken (Left)

The Golden Fried Chicken is good but I have to say that eating this after trying the fried sampler is quite overpowering. It seems like both has the same breading so the taste is quite similar. In the long run, you’ll feel a little kick of spiciness as well. I like the Secret Golden Fried Chicken more as it is closer to Yangyeom fried chicken but not too spicy.

Korean Fried Rice (Right), Olive Tteokbokki (Left)

Their Korean Fried Rice isn’t the usual KFR that I am expecting as it has no hint of Kimchi and it just taste like the usual fried rice but the Olive Tteokbokki is really good. It has the right amount of spiciness, sweetness and usual tteokbokki flavors you are looking for! I also love how the tteokbokki is really soft and easy to chew.

Fried Sampler (Onion Rings, Cheese Stick and French Fries)
Dessert: Dalgona Ice Cream

The BB.Q chicken Fried Sampler consists of onion rings, cheese stick and french fries are battered with good amount of flavors before frying. Thus, you can really enjoy the strong taste of flavors and a bit of spiciness to it. As for the dalgona ice cream, it felt like I am just eating vanilla ice cream with bits of dalgona on top.

Three cocktails choices: Seoulito, Kpop and K-Iced Tea and Cola

I’m not sure which among the three drinks they served is this one but I am assuming it is the Seoulito since it somehow tastes like mojito. I couldn’t find it in their menu so I am not sure if this is actually a part of their regular menu but I assume they also serve cocktails here since they have a mini bar too.


I wasn’t able to check the menu as it would be awkward to ask since this is an event. Still, a little of ‘google’-ling helped me find the menu on their website. Check it here: BB.Q Chicken Menu. Basing it on the menu and the serving we had during the event, I have to say that it is actually more affordable for group orders than the price I expected.


BB.Q Chicken The Shops, BGC


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