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The web novel “Don’t Fall in Love With the Boss” (才不要和老板谈恋爱) by Ye Fei Ran has turned into a new Chinese drama favorite entitled ‘Legally Romance.’ This cute drama gave us a balance of fantasy, comedy, drama, and romance in a single storyline. 

Despite being an underrated drama, it managed to make me reflect on my life decisions in college and how my little sacrifices and sleepless night before helped me gain the fruits of my hard work today. Qian Wei and Lu Xun are totally the besties to frenemies to lovers kind of couple goals. If you haven’t seen the drama yet, I am giving you reasons why it deserves to be on your watch list.


Z. Tao as Lu Xun
Song Zu Er as Qian Wei
Garvey Jin as Li Chong Wen
Zhong Li Li as Mo Zi Xin

Number of episodes: 33 episodes


Qian Wei is now twenty-eight years old. Despite being the second-best student back in college, she holds a huge grudge against her old self and the best student of her batch, her friend Lu Xun. Lu Xun is the ‘know-it-all’ guy who loves him secretly for 11 years already. Qian Wei currently works as a paralegal for Lu Xun, who is now a top-notch lawyer.

After a major accident, her wish of going back to the past to change her life happened. Now in a coma, the dream sequence started when she entered college. Meeting the teenage version of Lu Xun for the second time, she also met her first love Li Chong Wen.

This second chance for Qian Wei gave her a new perspective on life as she get to see a different angle on her friends’ personalities. She also tried to change her fate by avoiding all the failures she did in the past. Knowing the future as her advantage, she managed to beat Lu Xun but she also started to fall for him too.

The office set-up

It’s a boss-employee kind of drama but the romance here wasn’t forced. They used to be schoolmates and best friends even before they became boss-employee. Aside from that, Qian Wei treats Lu Xun as a big threat to her professional career while Lu Xun wanted to get closer to Qian Wei romantically.

Lu Xun and Qian Wei as a couple

What I love about this drama is that they don’t exaggerate the characters. In fact, even the antagonists in the story aren’t the typical evil characters. They are just victims of their own unwanted situations as well. Li Chong Wen and Mo Zi Xin aren’t the kinds of characters that you’ll hate. They also rooted for Lu Xun and Qian Wei as a couple acknowledging that in this story, they are just supporting characters.

Lu Xun is a reliable best friend and a source of laughter

Described as the guy with a handsome face, not-so-light skin, and a hedgehog-like hairstyle, Lu Xun still accepted that he is a hedgehog (but a pretty hedgehog) and sometimes, a puppy that doesn’t bark. Well, aside from the weird description, he definitely is a source of annoyance for Li Chong Wen but a ball of happiness to everyone else. Z.Tao surely nailed the narcissistic with a soft-heart kind of acting in this drama so I really wish that more people would watch it.

Qian Wei’s perspective in life

If your current life isn’t the life you prayed for ten years ago, then you’ll probably be in the shoe of Qian Wei. Her character somehow reflects the current version of us who is constantly wishing to change our life decisions in the past because we can’t seem to accept the current life we have.

At the same time, going back to the past gave her a chance to fix a lot of things in terms of her love life, circle of friends, and family. The drama is truly romantic and touching, I totally got hooked.

All the funny scenes

The drama had a lot of serious scenes, given that it is a ‘legally romance’ and it circulates in the lives of lawyers and their clients. But on the other hand, they also gave us a tremendous amount of funny scenes to laugh about. 

I watched this drama when it is still ongoing and I think I made the right decision. There are episodes that are too light to watch while there are some episodes that are totally tear-jerking. I don’t think I can watch it with a roller coaster ride of emotions in one sitting.

Lu Xun as a meme

As to summarize my favorite character here, Lu Xun is like a walking meme. He can be serious but funny most of the time. To be exact, his serious mode is still fun for me. I don’t normally fall for Cdrama characters because most of them are cringe but this guy is different he became a new standard.

If you haven’t seen this drama yet, hope you can check on it. It is available on iQiyi.


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