Kwon Yuri celebrates her “Chapter 2” in Manila With A Fanmeeting

“Each one of the pink ocean that I’ve seen, will have a special place in my Chapter 2 right!? Precious SONE, who shared my youth and growth today, we decided together to make Yuri’s chapter and your Chapter 2 into our Chapter 2. You <mean> a lot. Thank you so much for waiting. ♥ Mahal Kita! ♥♥ Magsama tayo forever. ♥ – Kwon Yuri

A reunion for SONEs

A fanmeet is not just a sit-down event for the fans. It also serves as a grand reunion to meet your friends whom you’ve grown up with as you both cheer for Girls Generation.

SONEs truly are the luckiest fans last July 9 as they meet Kwon Yuri of SNSD at the New Frontier Theatre. Yuri, being a part the legendary girl group shared that she dedicated her first chapter of her life (20s) with SONEs and as she is now in her 30s, she is hoping that the fans will be joining her in this chapter and more other chapters to come.

‘Yuri’s 2nd Fan Meeting Tour Chapter 2 in Manila’

Filling the air with a nostalgic vibe, Yuri brought us back to some of her and Girls Generation’s greatest hits including “Into You”, SNSD’s “Lil’ Touch”, Ciara’s “1,2 Step”, Hyoyeon’s “Dessert,” “Butterfly” and “Gee.”

The interactive show made the audience do a live chat throughout the Q&A segment of the show. Through an online app, everyone’s free to share their thoughts, suggestions and even questions for Yuri. Funny suggestions were made and that’s also the portion where Yuri learned the word “Ninang,” a term that the Filo fans use when they call Yuri.

Fan questions

Asked what places she wanted to visit in the Philippines, she shared that she wanted to visit Bohol and would love to try scuba diving. As for the food she wanted to know the taste of Jollibee’s friend chicken. She noticed that Jollibee is bigger than Korean fried chicken and her staff tried it before the event so she would love to try it as well.

Vlogger YURI

Yuri outside of her Kpop idol and actress life also shared that she enjoys partaking in the process of conceptualizing and editing of her own vlog. However, since she’s the one editing it, she finds it funny that her “winter vlog” is being released months after when it is already summer.


The ON AND OFF portion of the show is when Yuri shared her thoughts on her characters in Kdramas, variety shows and films. There’s a segment called “The battle of Yuri’s alternate character,” where she briefly re-introduced her character and picks one character that describe a certain personality.

The “OFF” cam portion is about Yuri’s life behind-the-scenes. During the show, Manila-only exclusive photos and reels were shared on-screen. Yuri has never uploaded them anywhere and asked for hashtags and captions that would fit with the post.

Play with Yuri

As expected of our ‘Pearl Yuri,’ she is excited to play a number of games on-stage while interacting with the fans. For a beginner, she’s good at Filipino tongue twisters as she mimics the host and the audience. She also played “Tablecloth Subtraction,” and “Decibel Game”.

Since she failed to win all the games, she needed to do a consequence which is the popular Tiktok challenge called “I’m sorry for being cute.” At the same time, she had to wear a cute costume before doing the Tiktok challenge.

An encore where Yuri performed “Gee” totally made everyone happy that night. She promised to comeback to the Philippines (hopefully with Girls Generation next time, please?) and that she will bring the great memories with her together as she comes back to Korea.

Kwon Yuri ‘Chapter 2’ in Manila is brought to us by CNCA. Special thanks to New Frontier Theatre for the invites!

Article and photos: Mikhaela Javier


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