Lee Jong Suk is back in Manila for a fanmeet! | Lee Jong Suk L’Officiel Fanmeeting

South Korean Actor Lee Jong Suk returns to Manila after five long years, to make it up to his Filipino fans through an intimate Fanmeet by L’Officiel Philippines. Sukkies had the best time of their lives last April 16, 2023 at the Philippine International Convention Center.

Lee Jong Suk made his first Manila debut last 2018 for the “Crank Up in Manila Fanmeeting.” The actor is popularly known for his roles in the dramas ‘While You Were Sleeping,’ ‘Doctor Stranger,’ and  ‘Pinocchio’ which all aired in Philippine television. His recent drama ‘Big Mouse’ also trended during its airing making ‘Lee Jong Suk’ a household name to Kdrama fans.

During his Manila visit, here are our top favorite moments that we’d love to reminisce:

BGYO as the opening act

With their recent comeback “BE:US,” BGYO, a five-member rising Filipino boy group heated up the stage of PICC. Their special appearance totally hyped up the audience before Lee Jong Suk comes up on stage.

Q&A with Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk gamely answered numerous questions from the fans as he randomly picks them from the board. Some lucky fans even had the chance to go up on-stage and ask their questions directly to him. Aside from that, they even had a selfie with our sweetest Jong Suk! More than that, there were plenty of times that Lee Jong Suk surprised the fans with gifts that he brought personally to raffle out!

Shin Jae Ha as the Special Guest

You probably hated his characters in his recent dramas Taxi Driver and Crash Course in Romance but his talent in acting is undeniably superb. Being one of Lee Jong Suk’s close friend and travel buddy, he came to Manila as his special guest and he gamely tried various Pinoy snacks with Lee Jong Suk!

A special performance

We’ve seen him perform a number of Kpop songs but watching him perform the hit songs “Dynamite” by BTS and “Hype Boy” by NewJeans live surely made everyone hyped up. 

An intimate night with Sukkies

It was truly magical and heartwarming to see our favorite actor Lee Jong Suk spend a night with Sukkies through a fanmeeting. He even sang a special number to end the fanmeet. The Lee Jong Suk Fanmeeting in Manila is brought to us by L’Officiel and Random Mindz.

Article and photos: Mikhaela Javier


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