“K-Verse” Brings Stellar Line-Up of Kpop Artists in Manila For A Night To Remember

The big dome is filled with the beats of K-pop and the soulful melodies as “K-Verse: The Ultimate Pop Universe” in Manila last April 11, 2023 took center stage. Presented by MakeitLive, the concert brought together a stellar line-up featuring Aespa, The Boyz, and the powerhouse vocalist Taeyeon, creating an unforgettable night of music and performance.

Aespa’s Manila debut

Opening the show with an electrifying burst of energy, Aespa dominated the stage with their chart-topping hits. From the fierce “Black Mamba” to the hypnotic “Illusion” and the infectious beats of “Life’s Too Short,” Aespa proved why they are a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop scene. The crowd was treated to a rollercoaster of emotions with soulful performances of “Lingo” and “Savage,” building up to the explosive finale with the anthemic “Next Level.”

The Boyz: Charismatic Performances and Unmatched Energy

Following Aespa’s powerhouse set, The Boyz took over with their charismatic presence and dynamic performances. From the energetic “Roar” to the captivating “Maverick” and the chart-topping “The Stealer,” The Boyz had the audience on their feet from the very beginning. The setlist continued to impress with the playful “Salty,” the dance anthem “Dancing Till We Drop,” and the heart-pounding “Thrill Ride,” showcasing The Boyz’s versatility and stage prowess.

Taeyeon: A Vocal Powerhouse Takes Center Stage

Closing the night on a high note, Taeyeon, known for her emotive vocals and captivating stage presence, delivered a mesmerizing performance. The audience was treated to a journey through her solo discography, from the soul-stirring “I” to the introspective “Toddler” and the emotionally charged “Set Myself On Fire.”

Taeyeon’s setlist continued to showcase her vocal range with hits like “Four Seasons” and “What Do I Call You,” leaving the crowd in awe. The grand finale, “INVU,” was a testament to Taeyeon’s ability to create an intimate connection with her audience.

K-Verse in Manila is brought to us by MakeItLive.


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