Mark and Kim First Fanmeeting in Manila: Press Conference Highlights

Before the most *kilig* fanmeeting at the SM Skydome, the much-loved Thai actors Mark Prin Suparat and Kimberley Anne Woltemas, collectively known as Mark and Kim, expressed their excitement for their first-ever fan meeting in Manila last March 12.

The event, which has been eagerly anticipated by their Filipino fans, promises to be a night filled with entertainment, laughter, and surprises. The real-life couple and charming duo, known for their incredible on-screen chemistry, greeted the Philippines with warmth and enthusiasm. Mark, with a smile on his face, greeted the crowd with a cheerful “Hi Philippines, Mabuhay! We are so glad to be here.”

They shared that during a live session before the New Year, they received numerous messages from fans in the Philippines, expressing their desire to see them in person. Now, their wish is granted, and the actors couldn’t be more thrilled.

Kimberley chimed in, “It’s our first time here,” emphasizing the special nature of their visit. Mark added, “We only saw pictures of the Philippine islands before, particularly those showcasing diving spots. We are very excited to explore and experience the beauty of this country.”

The warm reception at the airport left a lasting impression on the couple. Kimberley shared, “At the airport, we were so happy to see a lot of fans who also welcomed us,” indicating the overwhelming support and love they received from their Filipino fans right from the moment they arrived.

Expressing his anticipation for the fan meeting, Mark said, “I am excited to see the fans, and I hope they will enjoy the performances and games we have prepared.” The duo has put in extra effort to ensure that the fan meeting will be a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Taking a culinary detour, Kimberley shared their experience with Filipino cuisine. “We tried Adobo and Sisig. It tastes a bit like Thai, especially the chicken with coconut milk,” she said, highlighting the delightful similarities between the two cuisines.

During the press conference, the talented actors also discussed their dream roles. Kimberley revealed her desire to explore the action genre, stating, “I guess I’ve played many roles already, but one role I really want to play is action, which I am doing right now. It will probably air this year. This is a movie.”

On the other hand, Mark, known for his versatile acting skills, expressed his eagerness to take on any role, saying, “I love to act; you can give me anything. Just give me anything. I really love to do it.”

While they won’t be acting together this time, Mark and Kim shared that their new shows, “Eclipse of the Heart” for Mark and “Royal Doctor” for Kimberley, will air simultaneously. This gives fans a double treat, allowing them to enjoy the performances of both actors in different projects.

As the anticipation builds for the “Mark and Kim First Fanmeeting in Manila,” fans can look forward to an unforgettable evening with their favorite Thai stars.

The event promises to be a celebration of love, laughter, and the special connection between Mark and Kim and their Filipino fans. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary fan meeting and witness the magic unfold at the SM Skydome!

“Mark and Kim First Fanmeeting in Manila” is presented by Neuwave Events and Productions.


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