Meet MustB and their 3rd single ‘La Señorita’

MustB is ready to capture your heart with their manly and sexy side in their third single album ‘La Señorita.’ Having a mature concept this time, this comeback single showcased their Latin-inspired costumes and hairstyles marking a different impression on their fans.

The concepts of the group vary from one release to another. They showed their fresh young boys’ concept with their debut song “I want u” in 2019. Their first mini album “Realize: Let Me Rise Again” in 2020 showed off a rebellious man theme. 

Meanwhile, they managed to gift the fans a chill, natural and groovy rap through the second single “Spring Again” with the song “All Day,” which was released last April of this year. This song is dedicated to their fans with the message that the members can do anything as long as they have their fans, Muffins (fandom name), along with them.

Now, the group is ready to show their sexy and mature image through ‘La Señorita.’ This comeback single shows various charms of the MustB members Sihoo, Soohyun, Taegeon, Doha, and Wooyeon and their goal is “to definitely make you mine” through their music as the lyrics are filled with romantic confession of a man.

Asked how they came up with the new concept, MustB members shared that they’ve grown a lot since their debut song. 

We’ve grown a lot since their debut songs. From our debut song with a ‘boy’ like concept to ‘rebellious young man’ in our second single. We wanted to show our manly and sexy side this time with a more mature music video and concept.

We met Muffins around the world during our recently concluded American tour. We performed ‘La Señorita’ as a gift to our fans in Latin America but it was only the skeleton version of the song they get to hear. Since it received so much love from the fans, it has become an inspiration for us to create this single.” 

To make this song more memorable for the members and the fans,  Taegeon, Soohyun and Sihoo were hands-on in the songwriting process, making sure that it will fit their style and will truly make a unique sound.

– Soohyun shared during their virtual media press conference.

‘La Señorita’ was performed live first at MBC Show Champion last September 14. The music video is now available for streaming through their Youtube Channel MustB Official La Señorita.’  It will have its global release through numerous streaming platforms starting September 19.

To give additional trivia about the group, MustB has been appointed as the Ambassador for the UN Volunteers Korea. In terms of their career as a Kpop group, they successfully concluded their first world tour including stops in Atlanta, Alabama, Houston, Los Angeles, Saint Louis, Orlando FL, Puerto Rico, Panama, El Salvador, Merida, Romania, Dubai, Mongolia and Japan.

The boys also participated in the Super Music Festival 2022 Odaiba LIVE in Tokyo, Japan proving that they deserve the spotlight to showcase their talent in the music industry. MustB is Kpop boy group that debuted under MustM Entertainment on January 21, 2019.


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