Take Your Seat: Why watch ‘Emergency Declaration’? | Film Review

‘Emergency Declaration,’ is a thriller film that premiered internationally through Cannes Film Festival 2021’s ‘Out of Competition’ section and has finally made its landing globally. 

The promotions in South Korea kicked off just this August of 2022 and had their worldwide release right after. In the Philippines, the film is now available in numerous SM Cinemas and IMAX.


It’s time to take your seat. A biochemical attack on the passengers of a plane bound to Honolulu, Hawaii caused a nightmare for a South Korean aircraft. With no traces of antivirus and cure, the passengers have no other option but to take their seats and keep calm. 

On the ground, government officials started to investigate the root cause of the attack. At the same time, they were trying to save the passengers of the plane by searching for a safe airport to land in. However, due to concerns involving health security, the plane was never given any permission to land. Can the passengers safely land given the time constraint? 


  • Song Kang Ho as In Ho
  • Lee Byung Hun as Jae Hyeok
  • Jeon Do Yeon as Sook Hee
  • Kim Nam Gil as Hyun soo 
  • Yim Si Wan as Jin Seok

The powerful cast

This film is built by a dream team. Having Song Kang Ho, from the film Parasite, Lee Byung Hun from Mr. Sunshine and Squid Game, Jeon Do Yeon from Lost, Kim Nam Gil from The Pirates and Fiery Priest, and Yim Siwan from Strangers From Hell and my favorite drama Run On. Just mentioning their names being a part of the film already made it highly anticipated.

What makes the drama buzz-worthy?

The buzz for this film started through online Korean forums which I read when the film premiered in South Korea. Korean netizens also explained how good the film is, making me more curious to watch it.

 The fact that it participated in the grand Cannes Film Festival already meant the film is worth-buzzing about. It seems like this is the first South Korean film that highlighted the story of a manmade biochemical attack. At some point, I can compare it to the drama ‘Happiness’ but literally on a plane and without the zombies. 

The creepy character of Yim Si Wan

Yim Siwan’s character in the drama Strangers From Hell has probably creeped you out already but his lines here in this film would creep you more. His lines might be short these are some of the most memorable ones from the film.

The heart-stopping twists throughout the film

Finding the cure to the virus is one thing that will get you curious. Then that curiosity will grow towards the end of the movie. To add to the experience, there are quite a number of funny experiences as we watch the film since there’s a heavy downpour that day and the mall experiences electricity fluctuations. There were instances when the scenes were already super intense and there’s a sudden power interruption that you’ll think is a part of the film. 

Where to watch

The film is available through IMAX and numerous SM Cinema branches nationwide.

Note: I had the chance to watch the film through the block screening of Yim Siwan Philippines but since I arrived late, I wasn’t able to watch the first few minutes so I decided to re-watch it again a week after. I would love to thank Yim Siwan Philippines for the invite and freebies!


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