Memorable Moments At The Boyz “Zeneration” Asia Tour in Manila

“Five years and seven months to forever – The Boyz Eric”

The Smart Araneta Coliseum was indeed filled with loud screams and cheers as The Boyz, an eleven-member group consisting of Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Haknyeon, Sunwoo, and Eric, showcased their unmatched energy in their solo concert.

Last July 15, 2023, The Boyz opened the concert by performing their songs Ego, Reveal, Awake, Roar, I’m Your Boy, Text Me Back, KeePer, Only ONE. Member New mentioned that they wanted to show their powerful and cute side to The B’s so they performed different concepts before their opening ment.


Memorable Moments During Zeneration in Manila

The Boyz speaking Tagalog

One of the most anticipated thing in every concert is for the local fans to hear their favorite idols speak their language. The Boyz did not disappoint and really prepared not only short phrases but even sentences.

“Ako si Eric, ang inyong boyfriend. Mahal kita!” (I am Eric, your boyfriend. I love you!)

“ Mabuhay! Kumusta ang beshy ko? Nagagalak akong makita kayong muli.” – Kevin (Hello! How is my beshy doing? I am happy to see you again.)


Jacob dancing to the choreography of SB19’s Gento during their Thrill Ride dance break

Another Pinoy-pride moment happened when the member Jacob did his dance break during their Thrill Ride performance. He danced the choreography of the famous song “Gento” by the PPop group SB19. Fans were so amazed that Jacob nailed the choreography of the song.


The Boyz showing snippets of Savior, The Stealer, and Bloom Bloom

Savior, The Stealer, and Bloom Bloom are definitely some of the songs that Filo The B’s wanted to hear live. Unfortunately, these songs were not included in the set list for their Manila stop. But because the members wanted to grant their fans’ wishes, they showed a few parts of these songs in a capella. The B’s, on the other hand, made sure to do the fan chants as loud as they can during this part.


Filo The B’s showing their unwavering energy

The Filipino fans are really known for their unending energy during concerts. Even The Boyz were shocked how loud and energetic their Filo The B’s were.

“I rarely see people with louder voices than me. Every single one of you here beat me.” – Eric


The Boyz promising to come back more frequent

From the fan projects before and during the concert to the unending love that Filo The B’s showed them, it is not a surprise the The Boyz want to come back here for their future concerts.

During their ending segments, each member shared how happy they were during that night and promised to come back to the Philippines more frequent. Because of the love they received that night, they will be able to create more good music and performances in the future.

“From start to finish, you guys have been amazing… We’ll be able to take this and work harder to come back with better music for you guys,” – Jacob

‘Zeneration in Manila’, organized by DNM Entertainment, was truly a night to remember both for The Boyz and Filo The B’s. The Boyz are also set to make their anticipated comeback with their seventh mini album on August 16.

Written By: Ruthleen Delos Reyes
Photos: Mikhaela Javier



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