Miracle: Letters to the President | Film Review

A simple yet heartwarming film, the movie “Miracle: Letters to the President” is an eye-opener that will make you appreciate life. It will make you feel how lucky you are to have the convenience of technology in today’s time.


Park Jung Min as Joon Kyeong
Lee Sung Min as Tae Yoon
Lim Yoona as Ra Hee
Lee Soo Kyung as Bo Kyeong


In the year 1988, Joon Kyeong lives in a small village in the North Gyeongsang Province. This village is one of the passageways of a railway but the train never stops in their village because it would be wasteful for the government to create a train station since the population of the village is quite small. 

The citizens of this village had to walk on the railways whenever they need to visit other provinces or go to other regions like Seoul. This situation causes numerous accidents for the villagers. Joon Kyeong, lost his mother during his mom’s labor. It was a time wherein his mom needed medical care but there is no way they could reach the hospital. He also lost his sister in a railway accident.

Having that scenario growing up, the only thing people wanted in the area is a train stop. For the government to notice the need of the village, Joon Kyeong tries numerous ways to get the attention of the president. One of his method is through sending letters to the South Korean president.

Note: The original release date of the film “Miracle: Letters to the President” was scheduled around June of 2021. However, the covid-19 cases in South Korea rose and that resulted in the postponement of the movie’s premiere. Months after, they resumed the promotions and premiered on September 15, 2021.

The simple dream of having a railway stop at the village

I normally watch films that are heartwarming but I never thought that the simple plot of this movie will make me cry. There are lots of things in the film that will simply remind us of how simple life used to be before computers. It will make you appreciate your current life state now because having proper transportation is a bare minimum for everyone but a luxury for the people in this small village in the 1980s. 

The citizens of this village had to risk their lives every time they needed to visit another province. I am normally ranting about being annoyed with how much hassle transportation is in the Philippines. Yet, this film made me realize that it is nothing compared to not having any means of transportation at all. 

The people of the small remote village

The fact that a young student with huge potential only wishes for a railway stop near his place rather than going abroad to pursue his dreams only meant he care so much for his neighbors. His dream is to free the villagers from the hassle and risk of railroad-related accidents, especially for the kids, the elderly and other emergency cases.

The presence of Jung Bo Kyeong

It took me a while to realize that Jung Bo Kyeong’s existence is not even real. Her presence is so powerful but has little to no lines at all. However, despite her small character, she made the biggest impact among them.  It was her character who made me finish the whole film. 

Joon Kyeong’s family

Joon Kyeong is one of the rare characters we see in films. To be honest, it felt like I am watching a movie that’ll probably be representing us if we lived in the 80s. His character wouldn’t get your attention in the first few minutes of the film but you’ll fall in love with the characters towards the climax.

Yoona as Song Ra Hee 

When the film was promoted, I really thought it was Yoona who will be the main character here since she’s the one who is highly promoted but she wasn’t. Still, I also think that her character is super helpful on the show because she’s the only character that somehow lightens up the mood.

Overall, the film is a bit boring if you are into fast-phased scenes but if you are looking for a show that’s pretty much realistic or you can relate on to, then this film is best for you.


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