BTOB Lee Min Hyuk Shared His Excitement To Meet Filipino Fans | HUTA at Be You 3 Press Conference Recap

“Annyeonghaseyo, Kamusta? Ako po si BTOB Min Hyuk.” Lee Min Hyuk greets everyone with a cute note. He wows the media with his Filipino way of introducing himself. Even if he gave us a disclaimer that he just learned it two hours prior to the interview, he truly knows how to make everyone’s heart flutter.

Here’s goes the highlight of his press conference:

Question: Have you been here to the Philippines?

“Yes, when I was younger, in my teenage years I came here to study English. But the general feeling I felt when I came back here and saw fans at the airport is that the fans are really heartwarming.”

Q: Do you remember any food that you like?

The “Philippine Ramyeon” is good. The ramyeon I had is the one with no soup (Pansit), it is really delicious that I bought boxes of it when I went back to Korea. Right now, I haven’t had it yet.

Q: Recently, you were trending online because you attended the waterbomb festival and they saw your nice body.

“Oh really, where? *laughs* I was really happy about. I was quite aware that it was trending because some acquaintances sends messages about it. I am happy that I got invited to the waterbomb festival. I always exercise but it is more like a hobby. I enjoy it and I spend time working out everyday. I do a lot of leg work out. It’s painful. I am really really sad but happy when I do it.

He showed a sample of his squats and weight lifting. He can lift 160lbs.

“Salamat po.” Min Hyuk thanked the media for the compliments.

You’ve been acting, singing and dancing, which one is your favorite?

The truth is it is really hard to pick because my personality fits all of the aspects of it and I enjoy it.

Some of the dramas he was a part of includes the shows “Dae Jang Geum is Watching (2018), Unexpected Heroes (2017) and After the Show Ends (2016). He is also a part of the films “Seoul Ghost Stories” (2022) and “The Swordsman” 2020.

How is it with BTOB’s comeback?

We were able to finish the comeback succesfully because even if we have more than a year of ‘hiatus’ (no comebacks), the fans treated us as if we just released our old songs yesterday.

You are a part of Be You 3 event which gives awareness to children with cleft palate, do you have a soft spot for kids?

Yes, I am really glad to be a part of Be You 3 campaign because it can also bring more smiles and happiness to kids with cleft palate and yes I have soft spot for kids. In fact, when I was young, I would hang out a lot with other kids.

Message to Filipino fans

To our Philippine Melodies, who have been waiting for a long time, I am confident that I will give you smiles and happiness tonight, in exchange of the long waiting time. I am also looking forward to enjoying tonight’s show.

He ends the press conference with “Mahal ko kayo.”

Be You 3: The World Will Smile in Manila was held at Araneta Coliseum last July 23. The event is presented by Neuwave Events and Productions.

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Watch the press conference:


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