Taeyeon brings back the ‘Sparks’ at “The Odd Of Love” in Manila

The stars and weather aligned for The Odd of Love in Manila. Kim Taeyeon, the powerful vocals and leader of the K-pop group Girls’ Generation, kept her promise to return for a solo concert just three months after her last visit to the Philippines for the K-Verse Event.

The recently concluded “The Odd of Love in Manila” successfully gathered roughly 8,000 audience at the Araneta Coliseum to last July 30, 2023.

The SONE FanHub

Even before the concert, PH SONEs gathered at the SONE FanHub to hang out with other fans. At the fanhub, everyone’s free to participate in the random play dance, special activities like lucky draws, collect or share freebies prepared by other fans and most importantly, spend a few hours to enjoy each other’s company before the main show starts.


The Odd of Love is Taeyeon’s fifth concert tour in support of her 3rd album “INVU’. The tour kicked off in South Korea in June 2023 with eight countries and 12 shows in total. For its Manila leg, fans enjoyed a night filled with performances from the one and only Taeyeon. The show opened with “INVU”. Followed by “Can’t Control Myself”, “Some Nights”, and “Set Myself On Fire”.

Her long black dress, small movements, and visual effects set the mood for the rest of the night. Dancers joined her on stage to complete the performance for “Siren” and “Cold As Hell”.

SONE’s warm welcome

She changed to a sparkling red outfit for the dance tracks. During the first talking segment, Taeyeon thanked her fans for the warm welcome. She showcased her vocal prowess when she sang “Heart” while casually sitting on stage. The venue turned into a massive rave party when “Stress” was on. PH SONEs were seen standing up from their seats and waving purple cloths — one of the fan projects prepared for this event.


In another talk segment, Taeyeon asked if MBTI personality types were also trending in the country. She even requested fans to raise their hands if they were INFJs just like her, and was surprised to see a lot of fans put their hands up. “I don’t think you are INFJ when you are enjoying this event. Now I know a lot of SONEs are INFJ,” she said.

Taeyeon wasn’t shy to share the spotlight with her live band and female dancers when they had a segment of their own with their names flashed on the screen.

Bananas and Pink Dinosaur

It’s no secret that K-pop fans like to dress up to concerts for their idols to notice them. Lucky fans were given a seal of approval from the soloist including fans dressed in banana costumes, a fan dressed as a pink dinosaur, and even a fan seated in the upper box section holding a ring

She shared that she felt lonely during the rehearsals, but later realized it was only because the venue was empty. Taeyeon constantly showed her caring side by reminding everyone to be careful while watching the concert. “Don’t your feet hurt?” she asked those in the standing pit.


Taeyeon sang all of her songs from her third studio album “INVU”. She also sang her other hits “Timeless” and “I”. Smart Araneta Coliseum went radio silent when she sang a part of “Fine” in acapella then erupted in loud cheers when the live band started playing again. PH SONEs stayed in their seats even after “Time Lapse” ended, anticipating an encore stage. For her encore stage, Taeyeon wrapped up the concert with “Spark” and “Ending Credits”.

Toward the end of the show, Taeyeon made another pinky promise to come back and perform her other songs that weren’t part of the setlist. You better not miss it this time! PH SONEs love Taeyeon to the moon and back!

This event is brought to us by DNM Entertainment and IN2UNE Entertainment.


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