Thai film “My Precious” Leads Us To A Roller Coaster Ride Of Emotions | Film Review

A story of high school students with different personalities and life goals, the Thai film “My Precious” made us reminisce on the fun and funny memories that we had when we were younger. This will also remind you of your puppy love, first love and the fresh feeling of falling for someone for the first time. The films is currently streaming on Netflix.


Nanon Korapat Kirdpan as Tong
Film Rachanun Mahawan as Lin
Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee as Dong
Chimon Wachirawit Ruangwiwat as Bank
Neo Trai Nimtawat as Mai
Euro Thanaset Suriyapornchaikul as Pao


In 1999, high school students Tong, Dong, Bank, Mai and Pao aims to become “awesome” in their own little ways. As 16-year old teens, they are fond of living their life in the most fun way as possible and that gives their school teachers an extreme headache when dealing with these boys.

After an incident in school, Tong is forced to seat in front of their class president Lin who is a model student. Lin is everyone’s apple of the eye but Tong thinks he doesn’t deserve her because he is too awesome.

As they get to know one another, they started to experience the strong feeling of falling in love and that feeling linger for a long time. The film is also an adaptation of the novel “The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years” (那些年,我們一起追的女孩) by Jiu Ba Dao.

The high school squad

They all say that we make a lot of special memories when we are in high school and Tong’s squad really made lots of crazy things together. The group aims to be awesome in their own ways and they are insanely serious in proving that.

The unusual habit of Tong’s family

To make the film funnier and crazier, Tong and his dad had common weird habit and that’s for you to see. It’s a bit *r-16-ish* but I guess, Asians can relate because of the weather. Aside from that, they really made the “unemployed” life a bit more comical and light-hearted. Throughout the whole film, Tong’s family takes issues unseriously.

*spoiler alert* It felt like I am watching “On Your Wedding Day”.

“My Precious” gave me a feeling of the film “On Your Wedding Day” but a more comical, funnier and with more side characters. It showed the sparks that someone feels the first time that they fell in love. There are scenes that will make you burst out laughing while there are some melo-drama scenes that will trigger your tears to fall.

“First Love Never Dies”

Years might have passed but Lin is still Tong’s first love. You might think that people already moved on with their lives but whenever there’s a trigger, you’ll still remember that certain person who made your teenage years a bit more bearable and fun.


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