In Need of Motivation? Check Out These Sports Drama That You Can Add On Your Watchlist!

If you need a drama that will help motivate you or boost your morale, here are some of the sports kdrama we love and recommend you to watch if you need a dose of inspiration to bounce back on track!

Cheer Up

The newest among the ones on the list, Cheer Up is a university student drama that shows the lives of the students juggling their busy schedule in school, their part-time jobs and extracurriculars. Theia, the cheering squad of Yeon Hee University is said to experience three prophecies, the third one is said to happen in the current year where Park Jung Woo leads the team.

Do Hae Yi, a hardworking student who enjoys her university life while making money as she does part-time jobs after work decided to join the team after gaining a huge monetary offer to join the club. Theia is in a huge trouble and needs to regain the trust of the students to secure school funds once again for their organization not to be disbanded.

Love All Play

A drama that circulates around the lives of badminton players especially Park Tae Yang and Park Tae Joon, Love All Play gave us a glimpse on the lives of company-sponsored athletes whose salaries and lives depend on their performances and ranks during competitions. Aside from that, the drama showed the importance of self-love, having second chances and working smarter to achieve your goals as an athlete.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Probably the most iconic and memorable among the dramas on the list, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is a gender-bender drama. It proved to the viewers that even the sport ‘Weightlifting’ can actually be done by powerful women. More so, it tacked numerous issues inside the campus including school bullying, violence, friendship, and love.

Aside from weightlifting, the drama also gave us a glimpse of the not-so-mainstream sports gymnastics and the popular water sport swimming.

Fight For My Way

The strength of athletes shouldn’t be used for violence and this comedy drama showed that to us. It gave us the story of Ko Dong Man, a man who avoids his previous sport Taekwondo and wishes to live a normal life after some incidence during the time that he is active in his career.

Racket Boys

A drama mostly filmed in the countryside, Racket Boys showed us that motivation and hard work can help you reach your goals. Despite the lack of financial and emotional support, the young middle and high school students at Haenam made their way to the national team and even international competitions.

Hot Stove League

The Dreams, a professional baseball team places last in the league for four consecutive years. With close to no budget, lack of support and infighting between the coaching staff, their manager tries to uplift everyone’s morale and creates a new strategy to push them to the top.

Run On

A story of an athlete and influencer, a runner finds himself running away from being the 2nd best athlete from the national team to seek for justice after a co-athlete received unfair punishment from their seniors.

Twenty Five Twenty One

A drama that allows you to travel back to the 90s, Twenty Five Twenty One is one of the most heart-warming sports dramas that I’ve seen so far. As Na Hee Do aims to beat her biggest idol and opponent, she is also trying to experience adulthood and love.

Which among these kdramas are you excited to watch? Any other sports dramas that you wish to recommend?


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