Kpop Shop Krawl: 10 must-have NewJeans merchandise at Play Line Friends store in SM Megamall

What’s your ETA at the Play Line Friends store in SM Megamall? We’ve got a lot of shopping to do as we fangirl over NewJeans at the Play Line Friends store in SM Megamall. The store is open until December 23, 2023.

5th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall

With the success of NewJeans in South Korea, Line Friends x NewJeans pop-up expanded from its main store in Seoul and has brought the pop-ups across South East Asia including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

Here are some of the fan favorites at the store that we think you’d love:


The store showcases numerous designs such as the “Get-Up” album concept where the manga-version of NewJeans were used. They also have the individual shirt design for each member and the NewJeans x The Power Puff Girls shirts that’s all been sold out on the first day of selling.

Fret not, they also have pre-order for selected merchandise. Since it’s well-loved by the fans, Play Line Friends also opened an on-site pre-order where shoppers could already reserve and pay their item and just wait for the arrival of it so they can pick-up or have it delivered.


Truly a fan favorite, the NewJeans photocards are definitely a must-have on the list. With already 10 photocards per set, these photocards are addition to your NewJeans collection. They also have two versions of photocards, postcard and even plastic boards that you can put on your table or wall.

Coller merchandise

Line Friends also collaborated with the brand COLLER to make your merchandise more personalized and cute. They have a wide array of merch items including airpod cases, phone cases, bags, purses and base kits that you can DIY with their “sticons.” Sticons are the patches and acrylic designs that looks like the decors you use in crocs.


The BUNINIs are the NewJeans-themed rabbits created by Line Friends. These merchandise come in the form of keyrings and dolls. These BUNINIs also appeared in one of NewJeans music video!


Keyrings are one of the easiest to carry and the most stylish ones to show off. At the store, there plenty of keyrings that you can get including the mirror keyrings, doll keyrings and even photocard holders.

Power Puff Girls-themed merchandise

The infamous “The Power Puff Girls”-themed NewJeans merchandise are currently on trend so it is something that you should add to your cart.

GET-UP album concept

“Get Up” concept is based on their E.P. album “Get Up”. The designs are mostly manga illustrations of the NewJeans members. Aside from the merchandise, the store front is also designed with the “Get Up” album concept.


If you are into designing and customizing merchandise, there are numerous stationeries that you shop. The store has a mini-selection of stationeries such as stickers, notebooks, pens, sticky notes, tapes and more.

Phone cases

One of the major fan favorites, the phone cases for this concept store includes “The Power Puff Girls” and the NewJeans x Coller Brand collab products that you can DIY.

Pillows and cushions

Another one that easily gets sold out at the Play Line Friends store are pillows and cushions. The cushions comes in the “tokki” design. Aside from the NewJeans merchandise, the store is also home to Line Friends (Brown & Friends), BT21 and TRUZ merchandise.

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