Unboxing My Dream: Working Behind the Scenes of K-Pop Pop-Up Stores in Manila

Have you ever dreamt of being surrounded by all things K-Pop? Well, guess what? That’s my reality! As a K-Pop fan myself, I turned my passion into a fulfilling career working in K-Pop merchandise, specifically with exclusive pop-up stores.

Living the Dream, One Pop-Up at a Time

It’s not just about selling merch; it’s about creating an experience. I work with a dedicated team, and together we take K-Pop fandom to the next level. From the initial planning stages to meticulously ordering merchandise, we craft the entire concept and execute it down to the last detail. Every pop-up store means numerous sleepless nights, pushing yourself to the limit and hundreds of revisions before D-Day!

The Pop-Up Difference

Unlike your usual store, pop-ups operate on a stricter timeline and brand guidelines. Every detail, from the layout to the visuals, needs multiple approvals before we bring it to life. Revisions became a part of our breakfast and we take rants as part of our lunch. It’s a lot of work, but it ensures a high-quality and brand-consistent experience for K-Pop fans like myself.

The Reward: Beyond the Hustle

Sure, the process can be demanding, but let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing your hard work come to life. For me, it’s not just a job; it’s a chance to curate a space filled with everything K-Pop fans love. The most fulfilling part is that I meet a lot of fans at the pop-up and it also became an avenue for us to meet up.

A Look Back at My Pop-Up Adventures

Here’s a glimpse into some of the amazing K-Pop pop-up stores my team and I have brought to life:

TRUZ at PLAY LINE FRIENDS Pop-Up Store: We created a vibrant space filled with merch from your favorite IP character TRUZ created by the Kpop boy group TREASURE.

G)I-DLE Pop-Up Store at SM North EDSA: This one was dedicated to the queens of “(G)I-DLE,” featuring everything from their latest album “2” to the “Super Lady” collection.

SEVENTEEN Artist-Made Collection Pop-Up: This unique pop-up allowed fans to own a piece designed by their favorite SEVENTEEN member, some of their exclusive merchandise and custom keyrings!

NewJeans Pop-Up Store: We created a haven for fans of the rising rookie girl group NewJeans, filled with exclusive merch and the group’s fresh energy. The concept also range from their manga version from their album, The Power Puff Girls concept and their minini version called ‘bunini’.

NCT Dream Get Ready Dream Pop Up: Dedicated to NCT Dream, this pop-up offered exclusive merchandise tied to their “Get Ready Dream” project, letting fans celebrate the sub-unit’s success.

In The Soop Pop-Up: This pop-up might have been linked to the popular Korean reality show “In The Soop” by BTS and SEVENTEEN. Imagine offering exclusive merchandise or behind-the-scenes content directly to fans!

Mamamoo Concert Pop-Up Store: We set up a temporary store alongside a Mamamoo concert, letting fans grab exclusive concert merch and commemorate the event with their favorite girl group and their first concert in Manila.

It’s been an incredible journey working on these pop-up stores, and I can’t wait to see what K-Pop experiences we can create next!


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