Our Blues: The Beautiful Island Of Jeju and Its People | Drama Review

‘Our Blues’ 우리들의 블루스 is the type of drama that wouldn’t totally strike your attention in the first few episodes. Yet, if you are a heartwarming or slice-of-life drama enthusiast type of fan, then the slow yet burning with passion vibe that this drama gives off will surely hit your curiosity.


Lee Byung Hun as Lee Dong Seok
Shin Min Ah as Min Seon Ah
Han Ji Min as Lee Yeong Ok
Kim Woo Bin as Park Jeong Jun
Kim Hye Ja as Kang Ok Dong
Lee Jung Eun as Jung Eun Hui
Park Ji Wan as Jung In Gwon
Choi Young Joon as Bang Ho Sik


The episodes are a bit different from other dramas. Each episode highlights the lives of people from various places who visited Jeju Island or the locals themselves.

Unique stories of the locals

I’ve visited Jeju Island but what I’ve seen during the trip are only the beautiful spots of the province. On the other hand, this drama gave us a glimpse of the locals, both their happy times on the island and the struggles they had to face in their province from their own point of view.

Shin Min Ah from Hometown ChaChaCha to Our Blues

The bubbly and cheerful character of Shin Min Ah as Yoon Hye Jin in Hometown ChaChaCha did a 360-degree turnaround of her character in Our Blues. Still, what remained is the hometown, and countryside background of the story where she lives.

The storyline

Having different main characters every two episodes, I love how the series managed to showcase the story of every character in various POVs. Each of the stories higlighted in the show gives life lessons and you’ll probably be more cautious on the feelings of the people around you after watching the drama.

The beautiful Jeju Island

Our Blues, mostly filmed in the beautiful island of Jeju gave us a glimpse of what life is in an island where the beach is just a few steps away from your home. the drama also showed that despite Jeju being a province, there locations where progress is very visible and you’d still get a feel of what a developed country could provide its citizens.

Our Blues is available on Netflix.


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