Fun Happenings at K-Whiz Night; Disney+ Philippines celebrates 1st Anniversary

Disney+ Philippines is celebrating its first year in the country! Thus, to make it a memorable experience for the K-fans and Disney Plus supporters in the country, a huge gathering has been prepared for them! Check out this fun summary of what occurred during the K-Whiz Night:

Mingle with other fans

Gatherings are meant for introductions, fun small talks and recommendation of Disney shows that’s meant to be added on each other’s watch list. The whole night, I’ve been constantly promoting two of my favorite shows including Unexpected Business and Rookie Cops.

Quiz Night

As this event is a K=Whiz Night, the highlight of this event is the “quiz night” divided into three rounds. The easy round are trivia about South Korea. The second and third round are about some of the Disney Plus show titles, the actors and more. While everyone’s trying to battle it out to win the 1st prize, we are also enjoying the fun guessing game and the interactions we are having per table. We even had a group name and cheer!

Overflowing food and drinks

A quiz night is definitely fun with lots of food and drinks! We enjoyed the quiz night at BB.Q Chicken at The Shops where they serve plenty of Korean food! Of course, the all time favorite Korean fried chicken, tteokbokki and dalgona ice cream are the must-try dishes on their menu!

Although our team didn’t win, I’m just glad that we made it to the event! We even had a cute photo booth photo before the quiz night started. The Oppa is Life team would also like to greet a ‘Happy Birthday’ to Disney+ Philippines as they celebrate their 1st Anniversary! Thank you so much Disney+ for the invite! ♥


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