Reasons why In The Soop: Friendcation is a must-see for Kdrama and Kpop fans

It’s been months since I decided to watch a variety show, be it Filipino or Korean. But then, here comes ‘In The Soop,’ a variety show that is somewhat close to my heart because I worked for a concept that includes this show. I’ve seen the first two episodes of its recent program In The Soop: Friendcation and I am sharing with you why this show brings comfort to everyone.

 It is a mix of actors and idols

We got Park Hyung Sik, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Shik representing the actor line while Peakboy and BTS’ V (Taehyung) both represent the artist line. What more can we ask for if we got the best of both worlds in a single show? This alone is already enough reason to watch ‘In The Soop: Friendcation,’ a special program recently streamed on Disney+ and JTBC.

The Wooga squad ain’t your typical squad

The highly anticipated show isn’t just a simple variety show that put up random artists together, it’s the Wooga squad– a group of friends that everyone’s following. We are always excited to see them in an event, an IG story, or a post, what more in a show together?

Although the promotions of this show aren’t as loud as the two previous In The Soop (BTS and Seventeen), it pretty stirred noise with kdrama fans as it is the first time that they’ll be having actors instead of a whole Kpop group. 

The show gave us a glimpse of how the Wooga squad bonded and even revealed how they became friends in 2018. Can you guess how?

In The Soop concept

For those who aren’t familiar with ‘In The Soop,’ it is the kind of show where the cast is invited to do a vacation ‘in the soop’ (soop means forest in Korean.) It is a secret vacation place designed for artists to spend time without worrying about their busy schedules. All that’s left to do is to eat, enjoy, rest, and create unforgettable memories together. 

Trending outfits

Having a so-called ‘uniform’ in their pajama-night kind of set-up, I never thought that guys would actually enjoy such things that girls do enjoy. And of course, given that they are top-notch artists, their outfits easily trended and got sold out already!

In The Soop is the kind of healing we all wish for

The overflowing emotions we used to feel when we travel is something that you’d probably feel while watching In The Soop: Friendcation. It gives you the fresh feeling of traveling with your friends, but this time, it’ll be virtual with the Wooga Squad! 

Every episode felt like a full vacation in the comfort of your home. Their small talks and their little gestures showed care for each other. Park Seo Joon cooking for his squad reminds me of the days when all I think of is the airing of Itaewon Class after a tiring day at work.

More than that, we had ‘Daddy Seo Joon, Mommy Hyung Sik, the older sister Peakboy, the dependable brother Woo Shik and the youngest son Taehyung’ completing the concept of a cute family having a vacation in the snowing field of Gyeonggi-do.

Even their rest gives us comfort

Come to think of it, In The Soop maybe work and rest for our best boys but their little happiness during their vacation was also shared with us. It’s cool how we find rest and comfort from the people whom we also depended on for our happiness. They brought us so much joy and connection without them knowing us. Thanks to their work, music, and dramas, they gave us overflowing strength each day and we also hope that more people will continue to love and support them. 

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