We're still FOREVER1! SNSD's Soshi Tamtam and their legendary 7th Album

Bring the boys out because Girls Generation (SNSD) is back for their 7th album — the first girl group who reached the milestone of having seven successful albums but now with their very first variety show in JTBC, the Soshi Tamtam 소시탐탐! 

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, Girls Generation gifted the fans with their latest album Forever1, the seventh album since their debut. They have released Girls’ Generation in 2007, Oh! in 2010, The Boys in 2011, I Got a Boy in 2013. Lion Heart in 2015, Holiday Night in 2017, and with a five-year gap, they now have the Forever 1 in 2022.

Soshi Tamtam is the gift of the Girls Generation to Sones. It is their very first variety show hosted by the girls together in 15 years and it aired from July 5, 2022, until Aug 23, 2022. To a second-gen fan like me, it felt like a very huge gift to my fan life. It gives so much comfort that one of the OG girl groups I loved is still here, having a comeback and still creating great music to connect with us again. The variety show is just a bonus.

Soshitamtam, released weeks before their comeback album, showcased a lot of funny moments that the girls had. The funny part is that there are members who already forgot the steps of their hit singles. On a serious note, they opened up about their experiences during the times wherein the members are having a difficulty in their careers and during the times that some of them suffered from depression.

For the fans, Girls Generation gave us a glimpse of their lives as we catch up on the times that the group had a hiatus. Watching Soshitamtam relives all the happy times I had growing up as I listen to the songs of this girl group. I know that those from other fandoms also heard and danced to the beat of GG’s songs in the past too. 

More than that, their 7th album ‘FOREVER1’ shows off their ageless beauty giving us the glow-up that each of the members showed off. It’s cool how got rare moments here like Sooyoung in blonde and Hyoyeon in black hair. 

Having Yoona as my bias for the nth year now and Sooyoung recently wrecking my list, this new concept from the girls just totally ruined my bias list. It felt like all the members took my heart just like that. The FOREVER1 album with the main song FOREVER1 also includes the songs Villain, Seventeen, Mood Lamp, Lucky like That, You Better Run, Freedom, and Closer.


Since its release, I’ve been listening to all the tracks constantly probably because I miss them so much already. They also released special merchandise in line with the concept. Despite the busy schedule of the girls, they managed to create a live performances including one at the music bank. 

The full-length album includes tracks Forever 1, Lucky Like That, Seventeen, Villain, You Better Run, Closer, Mood Lamp, Summer Night, Freedom and Paper Plane. Among these songs, my favorites are Forever 1, Villain and Seventeen. To get a piece of this successful feat from our girls, make sure to get a copy of the Forever 1 album! Their 7th album includes a photobook, lyrics paper, sticker, ticket, invitation card, CD, photocard, a random photocard and poster!

What’s your favorite song from this album? Have you seen the released episodes of Soshi Tamtam?


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