Back to nature with NCT127: Here are some of our recommended items from Nature Republic!

Nature Republic is one of the brands you would probably mention when asked what Korean beauty product brand rings to you. They have established their name in the industry as one of the leading cosmetic brands in South Korea and now globally.

I am quite familiar with their products especially when they had one of my favorite Kpop groups, EXO as their ambassador. I can still remember how much we tried to search for this brand when we were in Korea just so we can bring home some of their products back to the Philippines as pasalubong and for our own use of course. 

Nature republic opens a new branch in Makati

Now, NCT127, as the new brand ambassador headlines their special collections. Let me share some of my favorite items from their store. Especially from their recently opened first branch in Makati, the one in Glorietta 4. This makes it easier for me and my friends to buy our favorite products because it finally nearby!

The NCT127 Special Lip Balm (and it comes with a free photocard!)

NCT 127 Limited Edition Lip Balm (455 pesos) – The photocard that comes with each member’s lip balm is already enough reason for you to get one. And of course, for people like me who loves lip balm too, this is totally a must-have! 

I love its pretty NCT packaging and the member photo as the background of the lip balm! It felt like you are getting inspired to look pretty every time you open it. Plus, the lip balms come in different fruit flavors so it suits your mood differently. My personal favorites are the lime and peach flavors.

PS: Seems like all Jaehyun lip balms are already sold out. I tried visiting their stores and online but they are all sold out!

Lipsticks, balms and tints

Aside from the NCT127 Lip balms, I also like theirs By Flower Soft Powder Lip (455 pesos), it comes in various shades and my favorite is the 03 and 04, it is matte and not too light so it fits my usual work-outfits. For those who are fond of lighter shades, you may want to try the coral ones as well.


Herb Essential Mask Sheets (125 pesos) – There are two options for their mask sheets, the regular ones are at around 65 pesos while the premium mask sheets come in a (1+1) promo at 125 pesos. The scents and variations are the common fruit selections to the flower and herb extracts. My favorite ones are the bamboo and honey extract essential mask sheets.

Their bestseller – The Aloe Vera Collection

Nature Republic’s #1 Best-Selling Soothing & Moisture Line – The Aloe Vera Collection boasts about the effectiveness of their soothing and moisturizing aloe vera products. Soothing Gel tubs are at 245 pesos, easy-to-carry tubes at 295 pesos, and the soothing gel mist at 295 pesos. All these are at 92% concentration. 

There are other variations like the toner (475 pesos), the 74 cooling eye serum (545 pesos), and the hydrogel eye patch (695 pesos). I highly recommend eye patches to people like me who spend so much time in front of our gadgets. Also, I use gel tubs on my hair because it helps treat my hair loss. 

Dark Spot Serum

I also tried using the dark spot serum on my eyebags, the gel cream helps whiten the dark circles caused by all my late-night kdrama binge-watch. These dark spot serum are super helpful especially if there are annoying dark spots on your skin that is so hard to cover up. You may want to try sets for a better result.

The special event

The Glorietta branch of Nature republic started with a bang with their HUGE DISCOUNTS! The first 10 nature republic lovers scored 50% OFF on all items, the 11th to 30th scored 30% while the rest received 20% off during the opening day. 

Aside from that, there are numerous freebies that come with purchases, NCT127 bagged photocards, posters, postcards, and special merchandise along with their purchase. As for regular customers who aren’t fans, they received vouchers alongside their purchases.

Special Freebies

Additionally, fans get to pull mystery freebies like photocards, postcards, and other merchandise from the MYSTERY FREEBIE PULL (and I got myself a Taeil photocard!) Purchases above three hundred pesos also qualify you for the raffle!

Now, if you live or work in Makati like me, it’s time to visit the Nature Republic in Glorietta and see for yourself how effective and worthy their products are. You may also check their website for more convenient shopping.

Note: This is a sponsored post. The Oppa Is Life received an invitation to cover the event. However, all our reviews are based on our own personal experiences and thoughts. 


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