A Night of Freedom and Unforgettable Melodies: Se SoNeon Live in Manila

Music enthusiasts and fans alike gathered at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang last November 18, 2023 to witness the enchanting performance of Se SoNeon, the indie band hailing from South Korea.

The soul-stirring tunes brought by the lead vocalist and guitarist So Yoon, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of bass guitarist Park Hyun Jin. The duo made a name in the indie music scene with their unique blend of alternative rock and dreamy pop sounds. The duo’s musical prowess has garnered them a dedicated fan base not only in South Korea but also internationally. Thus, they are currently on a tour to meet their fans in various countries.

It’s a night of Freedom

The intimate venue rverberated with the soulful notes of Se SoNeon as they performed a stellar setlist, including some of their most popular tracks. The event kicked off with the melancholic yet captivating “Nan Chun,” setting the tone for an evening filled with emotion and musical brilliance.

As the night progressed, the audience was treated to a musical journey through Se So Neon’s discography, with hits like “Midnight Train,” “Jayu,” “Joker,” and “The Wave” transporting fans into the ethereal world the band creates with their music. Each song was a testament to the duo’s ability to weave intricate melodies with evocative lyrics.

Other highlights of the concert included powerful renditions of “Go Back,” “Summer Plumage,” “Gurumi,” “Ung,” “Stranger,” “Dong,” “Black Sun,” and “New Youth.” Each track showcased the band’s versatility, seamlessly transitioning between different musical styles while maintaining their signature sound.

The night is truly ‘A Long Dream’

As the night reached its climax, Se So Neon chose “A Long Dream” as the grand finale. The audience was spellbound by the hauntingly beautiful performance, a fitting conclusion to an evening filled with musical magic. The soul-stirring notes of the song lingered in the air, leaving a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to witness the live rendition.

Se SoNeon’s Live Concert in Manila was made possible by Karpos Live.


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