Seoul Vibe Garage Party | Attending my first offline Netflix event

We made it to Seoul Vibe 서울대작전 Garage Party! It took two years before we finally made it to a party once again and who would believe that it is actually from Netflix?

As soon as an invite from Netflix came, I got super excited because this is the Netflix event that I am finally participating in face-to-face! 

It’s been a year since we are covering press conferences and events under the world’s leading streaming entertainment service but we are only having it online due to the pandemic. Thus, this event surely hits differently. Face-to-face events mean so much to me because I can finally meet the people whom I only know the names of thanks to their emails.

Welcome to Sang Gye Dong

I came to the event with my friend Ruth Leen of A Fangirl’s Heart. I already know that she is a shy type but I didn’t know that she would be extremely shy in a crowd. Though both of us normally cover events, this kind of happening is probably quite new to her. 

I’ve been looking forward to photo booth photos but I am glad they actually have roving photographers who takes awesome photos and instantly give us prints!

Upon entry, the famous Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign-like design welcomed us. Well, to make it more Korean. it says Sang Gye Dong. To give you a brief background, Sang Gye Dong is actually a neighborhood in Nowon Gu in Seoul. This became a habitat to squatters in the 1960s and has been home to around a thousand households and tenants with no legal papers since the 1980s.

In the mid-80s, the area became a redevelopment zone. The people living there moved out while others were evicted. The lead characters of Seoul Vibe lived in this neighborhood and this follows the backdrop of the film itself.

Seoul Vibin’ with the 1980s outfit

As my friend and I are both 90s kids who have no idea of what 1980s outfits are except for the ones we saw through films, we both decided to just randomly check our closets and pick random items that we think would fit the party. The funny part? We are literally having a twinning outfit with the red and black colors, unnoticing it has the same color as the Netflix logo. 

The Garage Party

With the theme garage party, it’s a full experience for the Bangkku Family! The DJ booth will remind you of Woo Sam (Go Kyung Pyo’s character). The red car, on the other hand, signifies Park Dong Wook and the squad. 

We got a full garage vibe party, the colorful 1980s that Seoul vibe gives off and a full Korean menu to top off the full-package experience. Cocktails are bottomless and they even got soju at the bar so we can ‘geonbae’ with our friends.

The party has no definite program, it is more of a time for the attendees to mingle around, have fun, and party. The DJ played numerous English and Kpop songs. We definitely enjoyed a little headbanging on some of the familiar songs by EXO, Girls Generation, and Bigbang — the era we became Kpop fans.

We watched the message of Banggku family inviting Philippine fans to watch the film. To make it more exciting, we get to see the full trailer of the film. Guess what? Seoul Vibe actually has Tagalog dubbing too! 

More than that, they announced the exciting promotions of Netflix which included a gasoline station where the pre-registered fans can actually gas up to 40 liters at 7 pesos per liter for a limited time only. What a way to go back to 1987!

Of course, I will never miss the chance to take photos of these babies — Park Ju Hyun and Ong Seung Wu! They are the main reason why I counted the days ’til the airing of this Seoul Vibe.

Just how cute is this gift from Netflix PH? They always make sure that their kits are super extra! Anyhow, to give you more reasons to check out the film, read on the reasons that made me watch it. 

Here’s a quick recap of the event and check out how much me and A Fangirl’s Heart enjoyed it!

Why is this film a must-see Netflix movie?

Seoul Vibe ain’t your typical 80s film, they showed off the colorful side of this decade with the outfits of people, their striking interest to pop music, and the adrenaline rush that youth of this era feel whenever they talk about their dreams. 

Mino’s film debut

Having an LSS with the Seoul Vibe OST sung by Mino, I really think that his movie debut character is as memorable as the OST. Yoo Ah In once said in an interview that he has a ‘naturally funny’ character and I have to agree with that. 

If you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s time to add it to your must-watch this weekend!


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