Cook It Yourself! | Kim's Ramyun experience at Kmall Philippines

Not a new thing in South Korea but definitely one of the first in the Philippines, Kim’s Ramyun of Kmall Philippines is a cook-it-yourself kind of experience that K-fans should try! 

It would remind you of numerous scenes in Korean dramas where the main leads normally eat at a convenience store after a stressful day at work. Here’s what you can expect at Kim’s Ramyun from Kmall Philippines:

Price Range

 Noodles: 30 pesos to 60 pesos

• Kim’s Ramyun Kit: 40 pesos (inclusive of Kimchi, 1 choice of toppings, chopstick, use of machine and container)

 Note: The price of noodles only ranges from 30 pesos to 60 pesos, making your meal at a maximum price of 100 pesos. This price is actually more affordable than buying the cup noodle version of the same brands.

• Additional toppings: 15 pesos 

Kim’s Ramyun Experience

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do it:

1. Check on their huge selection of ramyun. If you are not a fan of spicy noodles, Kmall made it easier for you to pick the level of spiciness that you can handle. The noodles are grouped into three, mild, spicy and extra spicy. 

2. Pay at the counter. You just need to pay for the noodles and add Kim’s ramyun experience package for only 40 pesos. This is inclusive of the use of ramyun machines, kimchi, and chopsticks. For their grand opening, they also have a free topping as an additional freebie. 

3. The staff from Kmall will assist you in using the machine. I’ve previously seen a Korean noodle cooking machine in full Korean so I find it cool that this machine has English translations. They also have a TV where the machine is featured. It helps kill time watching the videos as you wait for your noodles to cook.

4. Lastly, enjoy your noodles while it’s hot! This is best combined with rice, kim (seaweed), and other microwavable snacks available at Kmall. In case you got a frozen item, they also have an available microwave that you can use.

Here’s the Cheese ramen noodles that I enjoyed!

Best partnered with:

Korean drinks like soju, juice or coffee

For a very Korean experience, it is also suggested that you try some of their drinks and ice cream. Since I love coffee, I definitely got one for myself! Drinks and ice creams are less than 100 pesos for both already! 


As for the dessert, Kmall Philippines also offer numerous brand of ice cream, I got a suggestion that the mochi ice cream is must-try and I have to say that it does not disappoint. You should thaw it for a few minutes for a smooth munching time. If you are a fan of popsicles, then melona is always the best choice.

Awesome selection of Korean noodles

When they say that they have a huge selection, it surely is huge. They have a full shelf of noodles categorized based on their level of spiciness. I visited on a weekend after their grand opening and their stocks of noodles are running low, especially on the mild flavors. I am also after the mild flavor because spicy flavors simply burn my tongue. They restock often so there’s no need to worry!

Kmall Philippines and its representative brands

One thing that I noticed on Kmall is that the concept of their store is far different from regular Korean marts. First of all, their selection is lesser but most of the brands are quite new to me. As someone who frequents Korean marts in Manila, there are numerous things that really got my attention because I don’t see them often. 

The store itself looks like an exhibit. It is spacious and organized. You won’t feel overwhelmed with the number of choices but they still got the basics of what Korean marts must have. It has a picnic-like set-up perfect for the ramyun experience. 

Budget-friendlyAs I’ve mentioned in the pricing of the store, their prices are competitive and I always get surprised by the prices of their items. Even their noodles are almost just the prices of local Philippines instant noodles. More so, the ice creams are at less than 50 pesos, making them even cheaper than the local ice cream brands we have at convenience stores.

Best for Business

The Kim’s Ramyun machine is actually best for businesses as well. If you are planning to open a convenience store or lives around a place where there are lots of offices and youngsters, this is a good investment too. You may inquire on their page for more details: Kmall Philippines

Don’t forget to drop by at Kmall Philippines so you can try the Kim’s Ramyun experience first-hand!

Location: 104 Timog Avenue, Quezon City


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