A Slice of Seoul in Baliuag: Ssamjang Express Mart Brings Korean Delights to Bulacan

Nestled in the heart of Baliuag, Bulacan, Ssamjang Express Mart isn’t your ordinary convenience store. Stepping into this unique establishment is like stepping into a traditional Korean Hanok house. Wood walls and a charming roof evoke a sense of Korean charm, setting the stage for a delightful K-food adventure.

A Fusion of Restaurant and Korean Mart

Ssamjang Express Mart offers the best of both worlds: a restaurant serving up delicious and affordable Korean food, alongside a well-stocked Korean mart. Diners can choose from a variety of rice meals, all perfect for a satisfying and budget-friendly lunch or dinner. Since it is a mart, you can also find numerous drinks, snacks and more!

Korean Comfort Food at its Finest

For those craving classic Korean flavors, the menu boasts an array of rice meals sure to satisfy your taste buds. Take your pick from the savory Woosam Bokkeumbap (beef with kimchi fried rice), its spicy cousin the Gochujang Woosam Bokkeumbap (featuring the fiery gochujang paste), or the ever-popular Samgyup Bokkeumbap (samgyupsal kimchi fried rice). I’ve tried most of their dishes and they are all good!

The selection doesn’t stop there. Ssamjang Express Mart also offers Mandu Rice Meal, USDA Beef Rice Meal, Yangnyeom Chicken Rice Meal, Luncheon Meat Rice Meal, Jeyuk Bokkeum Rice Meal (spicy shredded pork), and Samgyupsal Rice Meal – a true feast for any Korean food lover. All rice meals are below 200 pesos so it won’t hurt your pocket.

Beyond Rice Meals: A Symphony of Side Dishes

No Korean dining experience is complete without an assortment of delectable side dishes. Ssamjang Express Mart doesn’t disappoint, offering a mouthwatering selection that includes Gyeran Mari (egg roll), the sweet and fluffy Hotteok, crunchy Gim Mari (seaweed roll), flavorful Kimbap, refreshing Vegetable Salad, the glass noodle stir-fry Japchae, and of course, the Korea representative dish Kimchi. Their kimchi is said to be homemade and I can guarantee that they are made, packed and served fresh!

DIY Ramyeon: A Fun and Interactive K-Style Experience

Craving a personalized ramyeon experience? Ssamjang Express Mart takes it to the next level with their DIY Ramyeon station. Choose your favorite ramyeon flavor. (They have a huge selection of noodles!), then select your desired toppings, cook it to perfection using their special DIY machine, for a truly customized and fun K-style meal. It is best paired with their Korean pouch drinks!

This side is just the dining space of the mart, they have a separate area for the products.

A Korean Mart Paradise

After indulging in a delicious meal, explore the Korean mart section, brimming with a vast selection of noodles, snacks, condiments, refreshing pouch drinks, and more. Stock up on your favorite Korean pantry staples or discover new culinary treasures as the store offers all the basic Korean sauces you need if you wish to cook K-food at home.

Location and Hours

Located at the Ground Floor PVR BLDG. BS Aquino Ave. Brgy Bagong Nayon, Baliwag Bulacan, Ssamjang Express Mart is open daily from 8AM to 10PM. So, whether you’re hankering for a Korean food fix, a unique DIY ramyeon experience, or just want to browse through a treasure trove of Korean goodies, Ssamjang Express Mart is your one-stop shop for a taste of Seoul right here in Baliuag, Bulacan.

Ssamjang Express Mart
Store Hours: 8AM to 10PM | Open Daily
Ground Floor PVR BLDG. BS Aquino Ave. Brgy Bagong Nayon, Baliwag Bulacan


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