The Best Moments at the Junho The Moment Fanmeeting in Manila

As a ‘Hottest’ (2PM’s fandom name) who used to live watching 2PM music videos, show guesting and even their individual shows, one of the top-tiers in my bucket list is to attend a 2PM concert which I successfully ticked off in 2013. Still, meeting the members in their individual tours are equally as exciting and as memorable.

Just before the year ends, I managed to attend Junho The Moment Fanmeeting in Manila and here’s a pretty long fan account that I want to share.

Nobody else but Lee Junho

A total performer that he is, the perfectionist Lee Junho ensured that everything about his fanmeeting is perfect just like how Gu Won in ‘King The Land’ will prepare for it. Truly a feast for the fans, he opened the show with “Nobody Else” followed by “Canvas”.

He welcomed everyone with “Mabuhay, magandang gabi at maligayang pagdating sa aking fanmeeting tour. (Hello! Good evening and welcome to my fanmeeting tour.) I am so happy to be back in Manila after a long time. I will make it a happy memory for you. Sobrang namiss ko kayo. (I missed you so much.)”- Lee Junho

Film Moment: Actor Junho in action

We’ve known him as the Kpop idol Lee Junho but some of us met him through dramas and films. As an actor, Junho received so much love from his two recent Korean dramas which took the world by storm. Junho watched two scenes from his dramas “The Red Sleeve” where he felt the heartwarming gesture of fans as they watch a clip on screen.

“I know that the drama is heartwarming but it is more heartwarming to see your reactions while watching it.” – Junho.

Aside from the scenes from The Red Sleeve, he also gave a bit of background on some scenes from his most recent drama “King The Land.” Junho shared that he used to have an experience with peeling onions but the scene should be a bit comical so he had to make it funny. Some of the lines during the time he peels onions are also adlibs.

Junho also talked about some stories behind his posted and unreleased photos and even shared a video of him eating fruits upon his arrival in Manila. He said the fruit is papaya and he likes it. Right after the TMI portion of the fanmeeting, Junho also sang an unreleased song entitled “Nothing But You.”

Special surprise for the Filipino fans

Something that the fans didn’t expect, he sang the Tagalog song “Imahe” by Magnus Haven. Knowing the perfectionist that he is, he repeated his performance because he finds it lacking despite the huge heartwarming reaction that the audience gave. We also love the part where he flex his gifts for the fans and brought tote bags, Dior perfume sets and even a Gentle Monster piece to raffle out.

Junho granting wishes

Aside from the personal gifts that he brought, Junho granted numerous wishes of fans. He went down the stage to give hugs, take pictures and even did a birthday greeting! Idol Junho returns on stage with performances on “DSMN (Don’t stop me now)”, “Can I”, “Zero Point” and an encore “Ride Up”.

“It’s been a long time since I visited Manila so I didn’t expect that the reaction of the fans will be like this. If I knew it ahead, I should have done a concert instead. Thank you so much for the memories we had today and see you soon!” Junho closed the fanmeeting with a heartwarming ment and also shared that he will be seeing the fans again next month for the Asia Artist Awards as he is also a confirmed attendee at the event.

The two and a half hour long fanmeeting ended with all the attendees having an up-close and personal interaction with Junho during the Hi-Bye session! Junho The Moment Fanmeeting in Manila transpired at the MOA Arena last November 11. The show is brought to us by Live Nation Philippines.

Can we get a 2PM concert as well, please?


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