Things I Enjoyed in the Korean Variety Show “Unexpected Business”

The drought for good Korean and Thai dramas often lead me to watching random variety shows I see online and I’m glad that I actually found a pleasant show where two actors open up a business downtown and experience life of a small business owner through the show “Unexpected Business.” Here are some of the things that I love about this show:

It’s a slow place but a hectic life

Located in the countryside doesn’t always mean that things are slow. In a mini mart like the one used in “Unexpected Business”, there are plenty of ‘unexpected’ things that occur in a single day. On a normal day, there are hours that things are really hectic and there are times that it is super chill. I guess, managing a mini mart and serving lunch and dinner menu is actually too much work for only two people.

Our Sajangnims

Both having no experience at running a mart, Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung made a wonderful and challenging 10-day business as owners of a mini mart that also serves lunch to locals and the small diner turns into a mini bar at night where young and old folks gather.

The part-timers

The show invites a number of artists that visits the store as a “part-timer” and helps out in both the mart and diner. It’s also cute to see the locals getting star-struck when they meet guests who are artists or actors.

The customers’ reaction

It’s a familiar scenario with unfamiliar people. You often enter a mart to buy snacks, run an errand, get a meal or a drink– a usual scenario that you experience on a daily or weekly basis but entering a mart run by popular actors are insanely a new scene for everyone so the customers’ reactions are really priceless. There are also some who can’t help but simp on their idols.

It really is an unexpected business

It might be an unexpected business for our “sajangnims” but it is more an unexpected scenario for the people living at the village where the mart is located, a village somewhere in Gangwon-do. A familiar mart-errand day for a local would definitely become a special one if you are going to meet actors you only see on TV.

Unexpected Business is available on Disney+ and has three seasons.


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