“The Moon” film review: What to expect from this space-themed movie?

“The Moon” (더 문) has been the talk of the town ever since it premiered in South Korea last August 2. Having a powerhouse cast, it took its flight with numerous positive reviews and support from the fans. It’s now time for Filipino fans to be a part of the mission as ‘The Moon’ will premiere in Philippine cinemas this August 16!


  • Sul Kyung Gu
  • Doh Kyung Soo
  • Kim Hee Ae
  • Park Byung Eun
  • Cho Han Cheul
  • Choi Byung Mo
  • Hong Seung Hee

Screenplay/Director: Kim Yong Hwa

Film Synopsis

In 2029, the spacecraft “Woori-ho” made its way to the Moon for an exploration. During its mission, the aircraft encountered a solar flare which cause a damage to its solar wind. This left crew member Hwang Sun Woo (Doh Kyung Soo) as the sole survivor from the team.

It may not be the first time of South Korea to send a spacecraft to the moon but the exploration of “Narae-Ho” failed five years ago. However, since the Hwang Sun Woo is still in outerspace, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute asks for the help of the government.

Kim Jae Goo (Sul Kyung Gu), who is the former flight director joins the team to help Hwang Sun Woo return to Earth safely. As he can’t do it alone, he seeks help from NASA’s lunar orbit director, Yoon Moon Young (Kim Hee Ae). As they try to give their best for Sun Woo;s safe return, more challenges arise.

Watch the trailer here:

Casting and special appearances

The team announced that the crank-in of the film started in June 6, 2021 and had a four months shoot. Given the full house casting, there are numerous special appearances from actors which makes the film more exciting to watch.

What’s special about “The Moon”?

From the storyline, script, graphics and background music, “The Moon” is outstanding in all aspects. The thrilling space survival film showcased the acting skills of veteran actors Kim Hee Ae and Sul Kyung Gu. Kim Hee Ae is popularly known in the dramas “Secret Affair”, and “The World of the Married”. While Sul Kyung Gu has a long list of great films he is known for including “Kill Boksoon”, “Kingmaker” and “Haeundae”.

Leading the film is EXO member Doh Kyung Soo also known as D.O, who is also a part of the film “Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days” and known for the dramas “Bad Prosecutor” and “100 Days My Prince”.

Korean space-themed movies and series

If you are a fan of the films and series “Sisyphus: The Myth”, “The Silent Sea”, “Space Sweepers”, “Signal” and “Glitch”, this is a must see film for you. South Korean films with sci-fi and space-themes are known to be great and award-winning. Thus, “The Moon” is truly deserving of being added on the list of must-see.


Popular for his award-winning films “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”, “Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days” and “200 Pounds Beauty”, Director Kim Yong Hwa also won the best Director at Baeksang Arts Awards for the film “Along With The Gods: Two Worlds”. Thus, everyone’s excited to see how he would take the audience to a new feat through the film “The Moon”.

“The Moon” is screening in numerous Philippine theaters this August 16. It is distributed in the country through Columbia Pictures Philippines.

Article: Mikhaela Javier
Photos: Columbia Pictures Philippines


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